A Business Calamity

A Business Calamity

By: Jake P


Attractive to All

Apparently Altering Animals Artificially

At this Aside


Best of the “Bad”

Bettering Beasts By Battery

Believing it Brave


Crazy to Crave

Capitalism Creates Crafty Creatures

Clever for Coming


Distance of the Dastardly

Deeds Do Determine Dead

Days to Decide


Efficient to Erect

Envisioned Elitist Entrance Effects

End their Enemies


Faltering of the Feared

Frees Fallacies Fast Forgotten

Fastidiously they Fend


Great to Grand

Greedily Greeting Garnished Gems

Gently under Guise



Haste of the Hated

Hanging Hell Hath Happen

Heaven of Hypocrites


Ingenuity to Instigate

Inefficiently Invested In INGSOC

Internally they Intensify


Jets of the Jesters

Joking Jackasses Jabbering Jibberish

Jump to Justify


King to Kook

Keep Kingdoms Keyed Kindly

Keen to Kickout


Lust of the Lucky

Let Light Longings Lamp

Label of Lasting


Minnows to Manipulation

Must Meet Many Mobs

Madly they Mash


Now of the New

No Nonsense Nor Neglect

Not so Negligent



Obstacles to Obsolete

Obsessive Oppression Offers Offense

Open to Observe

Past of the Petty

Painful Penance Paid Prepares

Parallels of Panic


Question to Query

Quantify Quick Quests Quizzically

Quit go Quietly


Rationality of the Retarded

Randomly Resting Reasons Rapidly

Rats of Rank


Stupendous to Stupid

Strategically Stunned Satisfaction Stopped

Sadness without Sacrifice


Teetering of the Terrible

Tending To Tilt Toward

Tumbling and Toppling


Unwittingly to Understand

Ultimately Unlimited Undisclosed Unsettlements

Undo the Unhappiness



Visionaries of the Vested

Vastly Varied Values View

Violence of Victims


Went to Waste

When Waiting Was Worthless

Watch them Wander


Xerox of the Xanthine

Xenial Xeric Xanthoma Xenophobes

 Xysti of Xerus’


Yelp to Yawn

Youth Yellows Yearly Yet

Youngsters of Yesterday


Zone of the Zealots


All the same After

All the same Before

All the same Crazy

All the same Deeds

All the same End.


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