I don't know when life gets better
I don't know when you'll be happy.

I do know that it is gonna happen.
Mark my words, mark my words

I don't know if there is a god
I don't care either way.

I just know that I am blessed
in any non-religious way.

The dice is in the air
who knows where it lands
keeping pace with time and space
hot money changing hands

love is just a fairy tale
like Santa and his elves.
pushing emotion and caring up onto your shelves.

like, really?
is it so unheard of that i cant be nice to someone
without YOU thinking im trying to seduce them?
it's a problem.

im fat
so what?
im happy, and that shouldn't be any concern of yours.
you hate whatever is 'wrong' with you
and to make yourself feel better
you shit on me.
like a cutter with a blade
you try to slice the agony away
but it doesnt work.
and yes
im talking to you
chubby black haired bastard

i dont like to hate on people
because it isnt right
but when you come at me
simply because im proud to BE me
then we have a problem.
THEN we have a fucking problem.


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