The Slob Who Won't Get A Job

Some call him lazy and his wife calls him a jerk.
His wife is very angry because he will not work.
He won't get a job even though he's an able-bodied man.
Her husband refuses to get a job even though he can.
His wife is getting sick and tired of having to support him and their four kids.
She'd like to auction him off on ebay and she doesn't care how low people would bid.
He says that he can't work even though he has no disability.
His wife would get a divorce but she'd have to pay alimony.
She struggles to support her family and doesn't know where to turn.
An extra paycheck would come in handy but the bum will never learn.
He likes to sit on his ass and watch TV all day long while drinking his beer.
If the slob could be paid for that, he would earn a million bucks every year.
When everything is said and done,
His wife is looking to buy a shotgun.
When he continues to refuse to get a job, his wife does not know what to do.
If you're a woman who will take him off her hands, she will be indebted to you. 


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