For Rich or for Poor



There's a plague and the poor believe the rich have the cure. But don't get it twisted for the rich think the poor are the source. 
How are we supposed to heal if everybody's feeling sore.
Everybody loves peace and everybody loves war.
But we died when the recession hit. Don't everybody come crying when the shoe doesn't fit.
The poor wanna cry about the income taxes,
and the rich wanna cry when the market crashes.
But deep down we all shed a tear when there's a child in Africa starving.
And why is it that human trafficking in Asia is so alarming?
Do we not see what happens behind our own doors? Do we think that it's better to ignore?
Let us push these detriments under the bed and forget everything we once said,
every promise, politician, every commercial for easy living. 
In the home of the brave and the free there are locked doors. And we equally are to blame,
for rich or for poor. 


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