I grew up believing that a job was for money.

You love what you do, as long as you make a lot.

The kids at my school said they would be doctors and lawyers

So I too said i would be one or the other.

Received with pats on my head from other adults

Saying “That was a good choice.

Doctors make good money.”

They would say over and over

But I still knew that wasn’t my dream.

My one job.

My job that would make me so happy

That everyday when I went to work

I would feel like a superhero

Saving the world.

But what if that job requires me to be artistic and creative?

Of course my teachers shook their heads at my low math scores.

But my journals were filled with stories and scenes.

“I want to write and direct films!”
I would tell them but all they could do was laugh.

“Don’t be a starving artist. There is nothing respectful in

that.” They would say.

“Be a doctor, or an engineer. Women engineers are sought after.”

But what about me? Math is confusing, it doesn’t make sense.

Words are my only constant. They squirm inside me until

I have to let them free.

I have something to say, so let me say it.

A woman with something to say, that is what should be sought after.

I want to write and direct films that reach out beyond the walls of

Schools that encourage conformity.

Extend like roots under the earth, bringing life.

That is what I want to do.

If you want to be a doctor, a lawyer

Than do that.

Do the one job that you know is your key to


But not the monetary, worldly success.

The kind that wakes you up in the morning

With the sense that not only can you do anything you want

That you are a superhero.

That you are important.

That you can inspire other little girls out there,

To do what they want and seek after it.

To know that You, are what is being sought after.


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