Rags to Wrong Un's

Laying in bed,


Sleep not entering your head,



Thinking of what,

Tomorrow brings,

Thinking of what,

Tomorrow could lead.


It's a Step up, 

To Step on,

Step to your limits,

Step until you stop.


Doors could open,

More for you,

Doors could bring,

More money too.


Feel a little disillusioned,

In life you see,

Tried the military and uni,

Totally skint now me. 


Wanting to take these chains,


Wanting to break these chains,

Financially free.


Thinking of the risks,

Thinking of the opportunity,

Thinking it could go somewhere,

Thinking it could set me free. 


Knowing that he wants some more,

Knowing he's the man,

Knowing that he don't know your guy,

Knowing that you can. 


Thinking of the feds,


Thinking of the feds,



Mr Big is scheduled,

For you to see,

Mr Big is ready,



Got the swop sorted,

No-one needs to know,

Got the driver's ready,

No-one but us three know. 


Confirmed the amount,

All ready to go,

Half a tonne ordered,

I feel in flow.


That well went today,

I'm buzzing now see,

Let's see how he plays,

Don't totally trust thee. 


Glad I took,

A little chance,

Extra £25k in my pocket,

This is the dance. 



Bio:  A little verse to accompany the first chapter in the 'Naughty Boy Series' I wrote. 

This is from chapter 1, titled, 'Rags to Wrong Un's'.  About a young guy already

in the drug dealing business and stepping up. 

I hope you enjoy reading these poems as much as I enjoy writing them. Please feel

free to comment. Thank you. 













This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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