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5 months, trading kisses in my carYour hands tracing hearts around my armsOur lives, we knew would never be the sameOh why’d you have to go and change4 weeks, that’s all it took for me to fallYour smile I wish I could forget it allYour laugh’s for
Days and months ago by and I still have this wound  Cant force it to heal or it will never heal  Your voice still echoes at night  Look at the mess you made  I cant stay this way but this pain is too much 
I think I lost myself, again Because here I am, fondling the sheets at 3am, looking for you in the darkness I only feel comfortable, if you are around And I can't eat, unless I feed you first 
Don't you find the concept interesting?  People grow so attached to other people We depend on them throughout the day They become our day, our night, our evening   Suddenly It's time to call quits
                                                  It is wonderful that you unilaterally
But all dreams end The fear came to life  I don't think in the way I thought it would  I was scared the beauty would fade I was scared the strength would die This is a different kind of dream 
The fear came to life I don't think in the way I thought it would I was scared the beauty would fade Yet you're still here thinking I'm so I was scared the strength would die  Yet you're still here supporting
I want to build you a library and fill it with all your favorite books And all the reasons I still love you. And I will never stop adding to it That way you can wander the halls of my heart chambers forever.
Lover, you were a hurricane A tornado The typhoon to explain why some sailors never made it home And I used to call you mine And I used to call you after work   And I used to hold your hand
My first ex and I only lasted long enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And my next ex was there for my birthday, but didn’t want the commitment. So I didn’t let him stick around long enough to take Halloween too
5 months, trading kisses in my car Your hands tracing hearts around my arms Our lives, we knew would never be the same But why’d you have to go and change Hey 4 weeks, that’s all it took for me to fall
When we met you told me that your heart was a broken song So I hope you were able to fix it with the pieces you took after shattering mine.  But mine will never be reassembled on solid ground
I kept telling myself I was over you That I was done writing about you Or thinking about you Or talking about you But here I am Six months later and I still feel guilty for letting your name grace my tongue
If our story is over Let me be the first to write the endnote Let me be the first to close the cover To burn the pages where I scribbled your name in my dreams   And if the pages are burning
I'm falling But you won't catch me. I'm falling, Landing out this time. I'm falling But you didn't push me. I'm falling But you didn't pull me. "I can't help it if you're falling"
I would love to tell you "take all the time you need, I'll be here" I would really, really love to, But I don't really know if I can. Not like this. Desert. Dry. Empty. Lost. Lonley.
There is something that weighs on my chest Every night as I go to bed, I have no way to distinguish What I want, what I can ask for, and what I need. There is something that aches in my chest
Back and forth In and out Running away Coming back. Here and there Nowhere to be found I say “I’ll just forget” I say “I’m a clown”. Dancing and turning Lying in bed
He was a grain of sand and you were the ocean. You are so much more than he could ever hope to be, and when your tide comes in he will be a distant memory.
I'm not asking for a bouquet of flowers on my step door every single day I haven't asked for handwritten poems on the daily or for you to have to pay I never asked for the moon, the sun, the mountains or the bay
Hate to let you goOur life till now has beenhigh drama in a showWe both have given up ontrying to make things right,all we do is fight,stuck in a hopeless plight.I wish you wouldn’t go
my car smells like dead flowers  that you got for me  it's not that i didn't appreciate them  i just didn't have a vase   i threw them away today  i think that might mean something 
I think it’s time to let you go I wish this healing process wasn’t so slow  It’s scary being with out you  Now who do I call when the days have been long
Empty This is the best way I can describe how I feel right now How I feel knowing that it’s over That our adventures are over That the plans we made will never come to fruition
Why is it we have desperation and reliability on one person we want when we can’t have? The worst feeling that won’t go away until they say yes, and deepens when they go away.
The wind howls, feeding all my fears rain plummets like pent-up tears thunder roars to hide my cry you walk away I wonder why you fade away into the gray... emptiness
So a thunderstorm A really ugly fight Four days of not talking Maybe just another break But we know that a break isn’t a break
"She was my little girl God, how I had loved her She was not made for me; even though you made her. Out of fine flesh and Earth she was made, then woven and threaded along head. She was ripe but not rough,
my body is a temple. he comes to worship nightly. slams these doors wide open knowing they were only ever expecting him.   my body is a temple. he bounds inside, starving for my holy water.
i feel so weak.   i am a beggar pleading for change   from a man whose hands i'm afraid will never give to me again.   i only yearn for those few small tokens of affection.  
he grabs my heart, clutching it as hard as he can.   his words stab every vessel, each cut deeper than the next.   "i thought it would go away."   me too.   but it hasn't.  
I know you are not here for me I kneeled and prayed to the trees the trees only my lips had kissed whalst you kissed her silhotte  she was missed, but not quite gone You had known me long
It all started one day, and I had no clue of what was coming my way I can't believe it's true. I was told it would happen,
she made me feel so happy… so why did I feel so trapped? I felt that I had finally found a person in this world who genuinely cared for me—and who I genuinely cared for back—and simultaneously that I was drowning where I stood.
We both know were running out of time So is it wrong to trust all these lies Is it wrong to give up all my love for you Falling like an angel from the sky
Locked myself in the bathroom I Could feel your arms on me Your tears on my cheek Screaming please don't leave But that was in my dreams But in real
We were running our breaths raspy you could see my heart in my breast It seemed innocent but you had a wicked grin poision was running in your veins you fainted
Dreams that taste like memories, My tonuge twists in my mouth. I feel your hand caress my cheek. You catch a falling tear and wipe it, gently, away. But your kiss is sterile, empty bland.
I would rather hate you then love the idea of you. That's the world I've been inhabiting for the last few months. My stream has emptied into the sea of your emotions, and I am tossed around in the malestrom of your moods.
I was willing to change for you, you know. And I thought I've loved people before you, they always say the first hurts the worst, so I thought it was over. The pain, you know.
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I take drugs to feel good, boy.You lie like a liar should, boy.I don't trust, but who would, boy,after all I've been through?
तब बातें खत्म नहीं हुआ करती थी आज बातें शुरू करने के लिए भी बहाना ढूंढ ना पड़ रहा , तो तब भी मेरे करीब ना था, लेकिन फिर भी तो सबसे ज्यादा करीब था, तू आज भी तो मेरे करीब नहीं है पर क्यों आज तेरी यादें ही बस मेरे करीब है ।
Those dishes that I cooked,  Those stories that I said, Baby, you said you were impressed...  
I am not beautiful, I repeat this tune, I hide away in my cocoon, Try to disappear, Loose in the crowd, 
You never seemed capable of such change, never dreamed that you could have forgotten all those hot summer days we once shared. You told me how you wanted to cut
Curtains and ceilings are the TVs of late night thought trains When you can’t think straight When your mind draws blanks All the patterns are signals Made up
warmth.  embrace, it's something i lack. i'll be without, you won't come back.   hate. love, it's all an illusion. at this point it's all confusion.    fate.
Tick tock Biological clock So selfish of you to take so much time to decide To say it is over Don't you know there are deadlines I must keep? My plans have fallen apart
You’ll never let me go. I understand that. You have pride, beliefs, things that keep you from leaving me alone to fend for myself,
Love is so evil. Like a sponge, you soak it up. Then it leaves you dry.
thought i was finally done and then i noticed it was small things at first you unfollowed me on everything which was to be expected dropped any sort of contact
Stars that waver in the night Its cold exterior rippled by the comets shed The aurora night sky blooms in unknown emotions The cosmos is all she weeps for
I told you I was sorry. You thought I was lying. But it might have been the first true thing we've said to each other in months. I was sorry. I was sorry you thought I would put up with the worry.
I have never experienced love  At least not the kind that I give that goes beyond and above Now your back in my life trying to ask, What’s Up?
If you're going to the same party I am, please don't ask where I'll be. I'll be wearing my revenge dress, dancing with a boy with blue hair or a girl with a nose ring, and you don't want to see that.
I am not going to write about you. I am not going to write about him. I am not going to write about it. I am not going to write about me. I want to write about the world. I want to write about changes.
The hallways linger with the memories of us the smooth warmth your hand left on mine silent smiles   the music our souls sang still echos if you are quiet enough you can hear the laughs we shared  
Last night you called; I love you was written in your pupils I'm sorry on your lips Don't leave in your eyebrows I miss you in your eyelashes
You’re not here anymoreto laugh at my stupid jokesand say “I love you”to make me feel specialor loved in any way.You’re not here anymoreto make me breathethe air that you’ve become to me
Love sucks.... this is why.  
My peers. My friends. My family. My thoughts. They scream at me.   Why do you waste your time, girl?  
A train pulled through my heart and let you off.You pushed your loco... motives...into my life,  
It is bittersweet. I miss taking you to eat and I miss rubbing on your feet. I miss having someone to trust and to be vulnerable with and to lust after.. You'd eat my broccoli and I'd eat your crust.
We started out as strangers, We met -- you my teacher, I your student. I was drawn to your mystery, Your dark, brooding looks I was admiring. My heart fluttered a little each time you glanced my way,
    It isn’t something that’s mine anymore yet I crave it  The warmth on my cheeks that I felt when your eyes looked past mine into my butterflies    Well now it’s cold
I was wrong; I didn't fall in love with you. I jumped.   ~awatr
Her eyes reminded me of the old embers in the fireplace, unkempt by my absent father.   ~awatr
I hid under a mask of submissive apologies.   ~awatr
I told you that you took my breath away; Little did I know that you were suffocating me.   ~awatr
Her face is broken with tears, Her heart is shattered with grief. Holding no sympathy, his face was blank. His heart is cold and dark. Love destroyed them,
I look across The room, And feel the loss Of the love we once consumed. Your smile, As wide once before. I know its been a while I shouldve given you more.
You feel like you've found your light You feel like the darkness surrounding you is dimming down You finally have a vision in sight, You suddenly feel like you are not going to drown.   You turns Me into We
it's a long and lonely mile home from your door hold me in your arms just once more its a long and lonely mile to walk till daylight comes and i fear your smile's still here and it's tearing me apart
I’ll remember You Through time’s filter Turning thoughts yellow And blue, flowers Wilting, snow Falling
I Am A Pine   You had me believe you were a beauty  A seed, a flower, a fruit, a sweet, to me you seemed  Your dark branches enchanted me but you aren’t the wise tree you seemed   
I am not going to sleep again A glass of wiskey and my pen Fills all my dreams in my paper and vein Climbing towards my brain I promise I am not gonna sleep again
I told them how it hurt They said the pain would go away In two years I'll be okay Cause that's just us We break apart But never fall out of love
why do you expect me to be okay? to be okay with your actions, to be okay with what you say i'm not why do you expect me to forget? the words you told me, the words you said i can't
It never works, And I'm an idiot for trying. I feel like you've unpopped the corks, 'Cause I'm suddenly crying.
I spread the tips of my fingers against the smooth wood of my table- elongated so there’s enough room in the center for a bouquet of roses.I never thought I’d be given roses: a traditional statement.
I really want to call you... & tell you I still care... But I know you won't say it back.... & I don't think it's fair..
There's a place for everything and everything in its place.. Well, where do I put the memories of the past I can't erase?
If I could build the truth for you, I'd make it out of titanium steel... I'd weld it together with all of the reasons -WHY- I STILL feel the way that I feel...
FOR: My Ex Now, but My Love ONE 4ever.. J.G. (*BTW, MOST of poems are about him....) I'm glad you took everything that would remind me of you.. Cause I don't want to remember anything we went through.
I was in love with you before even knowing your existence.In your eyes I saw the meaning of love when you first looked at me. And I was wondering how? And why Me?
Where there's pain, there's Love. Where there's Love there are two, But with two, there's still you. All that's left is just you, And the pain that's in you.
 Pale skin like cream  Brown hair like coffee Smile so sweet  Sugar would be salty    You’re my caffeine in the morning  When I look into your eyes  Robust like hazelnut
I fell in love at a bus stop I fell in love and came out on top I fell for him and it was my fault I fell in love at a bus stop   Across the rows I crossed alone More than hope
I love you But not enough To give up the universe inside meLet its planets fall out of or
My mama told me that friends come in all shapes and sizes. The people closest to you are variations of you; People who have qualities that you want to see in yourself.
feelings we disect, fail to digest. we're both so depressed. emotions repressed; show reason less. we scream and we shout; dont know what about. I saved this for us. you stressed me out.
You were in my coffee cup in every morning. And so you burned my tongue, but you were addictive You were my sunshine. And so you left red marks on my skin.
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Today I woke up and wrote a poem. It wasn't about you, but you were in it.
you ignited an uncouth flame a knife to sharpen and a thing to blame but forever we were
flowers need more than water to grow maybe that’s why I run away at the sight of them blooming I can’t even remember to water them once a day how can I sustain them for years?  
In a state of grief I was in complete disbelief,  How could someone hurt me so deep? How did I cope feeling as if there was no hope? I'm telling you it's no joke.
Dear Ex-Significant Other,I refer to you as "ex-significant other" because I know you wish that I had said that instead of your name back when I ranted about you on social media.
Red and white striped in a shape of a wheel,  a wheel that can drive me craving for ones loving feels, From the middle it is all pink dyed,  as though it can describe my deep hurt feelings from the inside, 
Thy kindnesses are to me sweet As a barbed rose, which I grasp ungloved To learn that I was unloved  By thee was to my soul a frosty defeat   But my heart scarce can dwell in conceit
He tasted like mangosi couldn't place it until the next daywhen his lips were no longe
tell me that you want a tree, an Apple Tree. the fruit you desire, it will produce but, if you, plant it first. the tree will give you many years but, if you, will give it drink.
Red.   So Red. That's what color you seeped out. But please don't get me wrong, it's not because that's the color of  love and passion   No.  
Dear Stephanie,   As if you were a patient etherized upon my table, I sliced through your heart with my scalpel and tore your heart apart. Never before had I left a soul so inconsolable.  
To my depression:  I spent too long loving you and being held hostage to the warmth you’d radiate because I was always so cold
We met in school, but we rarely talked. You waited for me. Then I fell in love with someone else, But you waited for me. When it ended, we were in different classes, Yet you waited for me.
Dear ______, You were the tidal wave to my smoldering fire The Dorothy to my Cowardly Lion The Dementor to my Gryffindor You were the thorn to my rose The melody to my song The strings to my harp
Dear Him, Your eyes shine so bright, Just as the stars in the sky. I remember the night, You had said good bye. The sparkling sun gleamed down, As I replay the memories;
Everytime we argue, we create a storm. You say things you don't mean- please don't make a scene. Those vulgar words you say, I wish they could be unheard. And as we separate- the clouds they turn grey.  
Dear lover,   The warming filling of your heart brings satisfaction to my mind. I trust you with all my being to never ever break my heart.  
I love you. I know it's crazy to say this but it's true. There's nothing I wouldn't do For you, I would move mountains Cross rivers and die for you
Dear Anxiety, What if they don’t pick me? What if I am not good enough? What if I don’t win any scholarships at all? What if I write the worst letter they’ve seen?
    wrap me in your love again. blanket plush, velvet crushed. make me feel again. misery, over and over.
Take my hand Out of here we can run Open doors and chances   Let go and walk away And steal what's not yours
You said, you said that we'd last but now the flag flies half-mast You said, you said this was true, so real so how is it you cease to feel You said, you said, don't give up yet whose eyes look away so abrupt
to the girl i pushed away,   you and i could’ve been cosmic sky beams we could’ve been one another’s worlds and more
Liberation, She called it, Discharging pet Lovebird from the Foreign shackles Named commitment  
Dear The One Who Hates,   I still remember the days that we shared. The plucking of flowers and pulling of hair. The theories of God that would fly through our heads
To the lost boy,   You don’t want to see me dance, or hear me laugh out loud. I’ll still do both anyway, in hopes I’ll make you proud.   Please don’t miss out on this journey of mine,
Oh, how these past few months have been filled with tears. Losing you was by far one of my biggest fears. You made me face it, with your sadistic, evil ways. And now we haven't spoken in days. Thank you,
Seeing your letters after long day’s toil, like flowers with warm ethereal glow grounded solitarily in iced soil Comfort and warmth upon me they’d bestow I held your promise so close to my heart 
If I share my mind, will that be of higher value than my body? If I share my words, my thoughts, fears, passions,  will that be of higher value than my kisses, my hugs, touches, caressing hands?
I can't get your fucking taste out of my mouthand you can't get mad at me for the ways I tried to   I kissed him and I kissed anotherbut I think they could tell I whispered your name into their mouths  
To My Mother Momma he beats me. What do you want for dinner? Leftovers sound fine.   To My Lover Abroad Tell me you love me. Remember the ferry ride?
You are the one who is truly worthy. The type of gift that I will always cherish. You come from a culture that is earthy. Our mutual love will never perish.   My mind is tough, but my heart was broken.
Vital Severing   Do you remember me? You taught me how to sing I took your everything Your tears still stain my keys   Our vital severing Brought growing pains
Goodbye I wont see you again. We don't always love what loves us, But please do not forget that we laid out in the parking-lot
We were like any normal couple. Had the same interests, Liked the same things, Laughed at the same dumb jokes.   Only,  I didn’t feel the same way as him.  
Love Enters Reality Someday.   Previously, it was me before you.   It’s now lost time.   Seeing you hurts.   It is necessity.   What is “it?”
You made you fall in love with youBut you cheatedI met all your loved onesBut you cheatedYou got down on one kneeBut you cheatedYou smiled for all the gifts I gave youBut you cheated
Your entire life you have been searching for a home yet you only seem to feel at peace when he talks The way his voice soothes your soul and completes a part of you nothing else can
you drive a stake into the ground. Rather sturdy, pretty solid seems to work out all around Feels nearly flawless But now it's done, the stake is removed Like a smoking gun
I tried it. I will try anything once. I tried to trust you, believe your promises. I tried to follow you even if you were wrong. I tried to love you, trust me this time.
It’s been a year: 365 days, 8760 hours, A full rotation around our star.   I left you on the pier: A boat filled dock,
Because I Love You, my heart skips a beat When we were together, I felt complete. This strange new feeling that took over me, It made me blossom like a cherry tree Now that you’re gone, its left me lost.
All my life I have been taught to work towards my desires- And turn them into possessions. And for the most part, I have been successful.
I miss you,And by you, I mean that feelingThat feeling that once consumed my whole existenceYou made me feel whole,And brought me kisses down my backHugs that were so good I didn’t want to let go
My heart has felt everything and then nothingIt has been ripped and burned and then sewn back together with broken fingersSo I put it where nobody can touch it, deep below my belly, hidden in the darkness
I hope you read between my words  Because I unfold stories with just my tongue.  I've created lilac skies inside empty minds, And you have burned cities down to just ash. 
I am sorry, it is time for me to depart I have seen the person that you really are Yet, he wishes for me to stay Pulling the same trick just so I stick around for another day
I wasn't loved You cheated, lied and hit I felt the blood run down my cheek You cheated, lied and swore It would never Happen Again I gave up I broke it off
Maybe it was him. 
Maybe it was me. 
Maybe it was the world around us that never wanted us to be. 
Maybe it was the wrong time to give us a try.
Maybe there was a hello that started with a goodbye.
Time slip beneath no wind as the purple star shaped petals glisten Voices can be heard within the hollow air The clouds hold heavy as it grew by the minute
Our laughter  And smiles  Follow me like ghosts  
It’s been a few days, Since I’ve looked in your eyes But I know the joy is gone, And you feel empty inside. I peek over my shoulder, Catch you turning away. You think I didn’t notice,
4 months since I held you last Take me to lie in the feild of dead flowers- 4 months since you were mine- And my only friends are the scarecrows residing in this corn-
The image is blurred Spoken words, still unheard Stop trying to change me for your convenience. Pictures and images you are no longer perceiving. Unavaible for your viewing  
I see the pain in your eyes and I remember the day Our friendship ended, and I turned you away. We never held hands, yet our souls intertwined. Our hearts melded together; yours and mine.
Sleepless for the reason of no more dreams.   For the reason of not having anything to think about. For the reason of only having nightmares and why things won't happen anymore. Happiness is sold to the past.
When you first took that step from me, I held my breathe to see if you would leave. Even I could see, that after our break, our love was no longer free. Heartache and tears. Contempt and fears.
Did I do something wrong? Or was it just too long? You tell me we weren't meant to be. Only, my heart still beats for your warms lips Underneath your hips, into madness, Sadness,
I don’t know why I panic so much My head gets heavy and I just feel crushed Tons of pounds fall on me, as I fall down Desperately trying to hold up, but I just hit the ground. With a thud. It hurts.
Black hearts bleed red I would know For there is a sword in mine It glistens ike embers when I turn to the sun And it's red blood twinkles as it drips As if the drops are falling stars
Not ready to see that face of yours again The only thoughts I have are memories of mine pressed against yours That so-called love we used to pass the loneliness we feel in our hearts
Running wild, all aroundStarting to the cold hard groundLoving life, feeling freeEroded rocks, let them beLook into his eyes, look soul deepBlack and empty, down so deepThe warmth of his lips
Will you remember the way you made me hate myself? Will you remember the tears I cried from your continuous cheating? Well I remember the scars you left, Stabs into the heart as you degrade me of my worth, 
I am sewing a dresswith the thread of strength,And knots of ambitions,And when it’s ready, Then will iron itwith the remission,I am sewing my broken soul!
Blinded by your lies  I trusted you I should've seen it in your eyes You were too out of view All those nights were fun and games Little did I know I was being played
The beating of my heart  
You cried You cried for maybe 20 minutes? 15?   Then you pleaded You tried to at least But why? What's the point?   Then you screamed Screamed at the world
the way in which you left the way in which you gave up the way in which you lost hope   tells me everything I have ever hoped to
All relationships have a fixedstart and end date,a day that you cannot avoid,cannot delay,cannot escape.What is that saying?Ah yes:"All good things must come to an end."
You were my first everything. My first friend, My first prom, My first date, I kicked your butt in bowling, My first boyfriend.   Those four months with you,
Gotta admit, you did a number on me And I guess I should’ve seen it coming this time But I’ve recalled how to live without you So rest assured, I’m doing just fine   I wish hindsight came before foresight
I was not the only flame beating I had another which gave me warmth We grew from each other yet became distant I grew faint and dim, I couldn't keep living like this The other vanished frommy life and I felt cold
2016 started out rough I thought it sucked just like everyone else  Then you came into my life  Like a bright fire fly  I though my luck had changed 
My parents always warned me about the drugs on the street Never once did they warn me about the ones with brown eyes and can say, “I love you.”
I know that you don't really care,but I'm here so you should deal with it.Just because you're avoiding my eyesdoesn't mean that I'll disappear.Just because you pretend that it doesn't hurt
We floated down an endless ocean together from the beginning of our time My hand placed in yours and your hand gripping onto mine
i feel like a shell; a phrase which doesn’t suggest i feel hollow.   a shell protects whats inside, but that isn’t to say that
  “you want black tea?” bitterness curled like steam through frozen tendrils of air.
It had to be a fucking honda The #1 car in townThose backseatsThose marks on meThat's where it all went down  
I wish I was harsh like the denial letter from a school. I wish I was bitter like a friend scorned. I wish I could sting even just half as bad as that whiskey you constantly down. I wish I was rough
Pencil shavings became a sign of accomplishments A’s became common Teachers became leaders School became a creative space.  Glances became kisses
Smoke cascades like soft grey velvet, past cracked lips that slowly release the worries of the world, Kill yourself a little bit every day, because that's better than living long enough to think about you,
"...Half asleep, I hear a light rustle outside my window then a sunk on the right side of my bed. You lightly shook me and smiled. As always, conversation turns into an argument.
A shitty run down turqousie chevy, with a dented silver door on the left hand side, crawling from the passengers side to yours, sitting in the lap of a past lover,
You’re everywhere, No matter where I’m at I can feel your stare, Following me like my shadow, your eyes trace my every move, I do not know the reason, or what it is that you’re trying to prove,
Memories are meant to be a cherished moment.
I can't sleep knowing that I'm not the one you're dreaming about. Or that maybe you're as hurt as me and you're still up, drowning your sorrows in a Harley Quinn shot glass or hiding them in a haze of green
I cannot grasp enough breath to express a single word from my mouth.  I can feel my heart beating like a drum with a rhyme that can’t find a pattern and I can't feel the pulse drags through my heart, body and heart again.
Why do î have to be the one to feel? Feel all the pain that you wasnt their before Why is it that no matter what î get hurt And i spend my nights crying Do you even care Do you have a heart
How could you how could you love me  and then leave me how could you tell me we were forever and then cut me off like a sensless piece of string hanging off of your beautiful body
it is different and it is not the same, because when music happens with you, the notes create stair steps up to places in the sky i have never been before.
  breathe out. i need a language with more
 synonyms for love
 that do not strike my ears like a slap or a secondhand 
drunk or sober it was always you there is a lonely hum in my brain where your name used to be i will drown myself to silence in it if i do not get some peace and quiet soon
one hit a bottle of jack i cannot breathe but my bones are laughing. my lungs struggle to keep up with my racing thoughts.
they told me to rise
 with dawn, but i fade
 with every daybreak. maybe some are meant to live in darkness because
 shooting stars can only
I hate this.
I saw the stars in your eyes--and I also watched them burn out. You showed me a whole other universe, and I got lost in it.
This is the the letter that I'll never send. Dear Ex, You stole my heart with just one look. You broke my heart with just one word. And you fixed my heart with just one kiss.
When you broke up with me and you said you needed space i was fine with it Because i thought you meant it in a normal way Rather than applying for a job at NASA.  
You were my Joker,I was your Harley,We kicked it together,Being chased by that stupid Bats on our date nights.
You weren't just a moment  or a space In time that I will soon forget You weren't just a "Fuck it, I'll move on" You were a waterfall of tears in the backseat of my sister truck
You promised me Wonderful, glorious things.   You promised me A white house,  With not-blue shutters,  A pond out front,  And horses in the back   You promised me 
Cold crisp air slicing my lungs with every breath Socks wet from the soggy ground, Feet aching, becoming numb Everything shivers with cold January hurts  
Its been 5 months since I walked out that door. Sobbing my eyes out and screaming on the floor. Wishing you’d come back and un-break my fragile heart.
4.24.16   Pretty girl in a dress walking by the pool. I watched him as his eyes watched her every move. Invisible I felt, for the one I loved was admiring another.
3.30.16 He stole my golden halo and clipped my white feathered wings. Perhaps he's merely a lost boy who needed them more than me. He claimed I was part devil who
4.07.16 He left me in March buried beneath the dirt. The showers poured in April and cleaned away the hurt. I will blossom in May, for this is my rebirth.
The smell of the fresh April air Reminds me of this time, last year The day seemed fair But suddenly became my worst fear   I never meant what was said A week before this
Since you left I have changed. I feel like crying over every little thing, I swallow tears when I drop a book I haven’t said much to my friends lately
Dancing through life. Always on the look for the one with the steps to match mine. I thought I had found her. We met, and nothing was the same. She taught me new moves in the rain and it was beautiful.
You stepped out of love with me, baby as I tumbled out of love with myself, baby as you tried to claw the pills from my shaky  
You and I were like fire and gasoline, each time we saw each other, you inflamed me my mind, my soul, my heart was alive but then the depression hit me and I was just trying to survive.
"Why are you crying," he asked, as she splayed out on the ground. "I never saw this coming, I always thought he would be around." "Believe in yourself, child, that is all that you need.
you are the reason the ancients worshiped the sky.someone so beautiful could not have come from the dirt of the Earth,you were born in the aftermath of a supernova. you have galaxies blooming inside of you
Hand me a pair of scissors I’ll cut the steel ropes That led straight to your heart At least I’ll try If only I could get closer to you That end of the rope is the thinnest
Ever wondered what it felt like to be loved by your crush? Of course everyone does. I have been down this road once. It broke my heart multiple times. He came, he went. I stayed, and stayed. 
“I knew something was wrong with us”These words have been haunting me You knew?Does that mean you feel that way?Something was?Is there something still?Wrong with us?
And that day I went to bed but I never slept because I could never sleep without the part of me you kept
Could you ever get it through your head that the love I have for you was realIt wasn't something that just magically appeared and knowing that the love I use to have for you is gone is what brings me to so many tears I can't help but to cry a pudd
With our telescope we stole looks at the stars, sliding on pine needles stabbing softly into our backs but it was the night that stole us.  
i always wanted you to call me "princess",    but i was too afraid to ask- and now you call her "princess",    and you don't call me back. so dress her in your finest-    make her pretty in pink,
It has always struck me as odd, the idea that “loving you” and “losing you” are only one letter apart. This small difference is proved
I am nothing withoutBut everything withAnd if I knew nothing aboutI only wish it were a myth
"Why do you love me?" I ask.You reply with many reasons,some of which being how  When I talk about my favorite book,I always obsess over the characters and my eyes take on a whole new formas big as dinner platesand they sparkle like the fourth of
Dear First Crush,   I dreamt about you once. I was there and of course you were there, and we live out our entire lives while I slept.   In reality, my dream came true
We were like a summer suntan. It took time to create but once it was there Man, it was beautiful.   We had it all. We were the romance of movies. It was quick and easy
      I often spend many a sleepless night, Wondering if I could make things right. I know of your hatred of me,
I know I said I thought you were the moon but right now you are shining as the sun I cannot sleep because you are there My eyes closed you still burn through The lids and layers of my skin crawling fears
I waited...and I waited But I never got that phone callThe one that I have been waiting for all dayJust to hear your voiceTo hear the reason why
I look down and see your name on my phone but I won't stop because  I'm almost home. But little did I know when I got there the house would be full of nothing but despair.
I'm alone, by myself just sitting here,at this time of the day her voice was all I would hear,her head laying down on my chest,her bright smile shining like a brand new vest. And I ask myself,how could this happen,why are we ignoring eachother lik
I'm sorry You cared so much  And I thought I did too  Now I miss your sweet touch Though I was the one who left you You weren't perfect But nor am I 
You dont want it to be real, a broken heart... its crazy.... almost unreal.... that pain.... you forget untill your reminded.... of what its like to love and lost.... ...its bittersweet, really...
That old blue trash canstill sat in the cornerby the doorlaughing at you just go away he said in oh, so many wordsin oh, too many actions flesh crawlinghope fadingheart breaking
When I feel the bass guitar thrumming long strokes inside my chest, swimming backwards along my spine, it reminds me I am alive.   When I allow the tinny audio
evergreen forest and blue wintry eyes vines that consume every fear, every lie a five-petaled flower adrift on a tear
the love song hangs unspoken, there for you to steal from my lips as you stole my heart. and now there’s nothing that I would not do: I’d barter, kill, and for your love I’d starve.
You said you loved me From the first day that we were together You said you cared for me And that you would forever. Those nights we talked
I said go away When I needed you to stay But there’s hurting in my heart When we were together and especially now that we are apart I told you to go
True loveThere's a man who woke up one dayHe found a letter where his true love once laidit's been 2 years since she walked offto where, he has no thoughthe keeps the letter in his hand
It was one of those moments that I'd never forget Excitement buzzed between everyone that night You were a new high school graduate  We sat in your car to go to your graduation party
should I be angry at you angry because you hardly hugged me because you raised your voice bcause you never posted pictures of me but you do it for her because you made me cry because you pretended to love me
SeptemberOne year ago I looked at you and sa
He's desperate for another m
You told me you wanted me to choke on my last words to you.
Continually you ask that piece of polished silver
You said you really loved me true but when i got sad you ran and never looked back
Regret never tasted so sweetas when learning to regret not meetingsooner in love, sooner in life.  
He lights a cigarette. He lights it and inhales its toxin. He looks at me with eyes that’s full of pain. He inhales his way to death and tells me that I’m the one he would’ve died for.
The horizon is wherethe sun caresses the bayin the final momentsbefore the world turns grey.What a tragic affair;not being able to stay,then distress in agony hence
What’s worst about this whole ordeal Is not that you are gone, Nor that the words you said to me Were just to put me on,   But really that your parting voice Did quiver in its tone –
I don't know what to do anymore, I've tried so hard to save us, I've given you everything I have, I'm all yours, But are you all mine, I can feel us drifting,
Your emerald eyes at first set me ablaze, Your beauty was so delicately sweet. But I forgot the game the Devil plays And now I’m but an ember in my heat. Not viper sending poison through the veins
Dreams are just DreamsUntil you make them soarA Wish is just a WishUntil you fight to make it happen
I’m falling to pieces From these full-moon musings I kept a journal Stayed up all night   You promised one day But I wanted forever Save your sorries
I don't know what color his eyes are. I know that they're somewhere between blue and green and gray but I cannot say exactly   I have memorized every detail of him. I could map out his chest and 
The War   (monolouge) Damn  I just wanna Drink and forget It's hope and regret  If I sip
I broke my promise.
This hurts me more than I thought it would.
You set a fire in me But you didn't do it for me, you did it for yourself I burned bright and warm for you I let the fire consume me But like all fires I burned out so you left.
If you break my heart, I will rip you up and apart. You painted me a picture. You made art. Like light, you disappear when it's dark, And our goodbye has left an ugly scar.  
You tell me that you love me. Why don't you stop with these lies? You tell me you don't want to hurt me. If that's so, why, why?   Why would you break my heart?
But baby I swear I never meant to hurt you, 
Our relationship was a fairytale It was perfect On the outside It may have crashed and burned in the end But maybe it is a happy ending But I don't know just how yet
Love is patient, love is kind, As Paul so eloquently wrote But love is fast, love is temporary, It can end as quickly as an eighth note Heartbreak sucks It’s easy to see
Your vodka tongue So toxic, so young Slithers its way into my thoughts Hides my fears Gives me ten shots Of pure toxic lust And I get lost, so lost In your pierced blue eyes
She was a willow bending, a tearful beauty rooted and serene   He was the lightning,                                                            much too bright for his own good strong and destructive
You see, the problem is I have treated you as if you are the sun. And you are not the sun. My life does not depend on you, you are not in any way crucial to my survival.
I wake up and see your eyes
I miss you.  I miss the way our snugged faces touched, our eyesight would soften.  "Look me in my eyes and tell me you don't want this to end."
Forever and ever Love ballads written proclaiming my undying love  Months of long, late night calls. Forever and ever Turned upside down So fast. My head is still spinning.
There's a burning in my chest And I can't tell whether my heart is on fire, set alight by the rush of energy transferred when he placed his hand on mine for the last time
I know we're strangers now,  but you're the most beautiful person 
He says, "don't you love me?" I say, "I don't know," I thought so at first, But now that we've grown, People will change, For bad or for worse, But growing apart,  Now that always hurts,
everything. Everything. EVERYTHING. EVERY. THING. EVER. THING  EVERTHING Everthing everthing verting averting averting eyes verting. verting. erting.
Here I sit all alone No one to talk to No one to relate to Wishing that one day I won't have to feel sad One day, maybe I'll find someone to love me Or just maybe be alone forever.
He will break your heart.
With all the cups you gave,
A stab in the heart from the blade you called love You said sweet things to my face then turn around and switched up Whats real & whats fake? In this time I couldn't tell
I have a healthy fear of lying To myself and those around me Often these lies They won't die No matter how hard I try I just feel like I'm dying.
Birth of new born killers high end thrillers sparse chances, taken with unease  beans and peas, mark disease and players can't see me 'cause I was never on a team in the first dream, I ever had
The stinging of my lungs as I inhale in  The smell of burning paper and fumes fill my nose The smoke disappears before my eye, becoming one with the air around it
i carry my right leg over the curb
Happiness and Joy errupt like a geyser at Yellow Stone,
You've gotten fingerprints, All over my favorite movies and songs
You were a cigarette break that felt like a for
I count minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, ye
I look into your eyes that are now so bright... My eyes are dark, with just a flickering light. Oh, how I miss you... I wonder if you miss me too... I don't understand what you see in her,
im done with you tonight officially you are now in my past and i will no longer regret the time i wasted spent  remembering you  and hoping youd remember me too.
Is the life that I'm living truly mine? Am I dreaming or awake? Dead or alive? Sometimes I cannot even tell, because I'm under love's spell. Love's spell, a thing, noun a spell that
Within my heart lay a gap that I cannot fill A gash within my emotions that lay unhealed This wound inflicted bleeds deep within me This stream of emotions wil never heed A cloud of thoughts loom in my mind
I flinch. False consensus effect strikes again. I'm not afraid of your touch. Fear has no position on the playing field. you recoil, my body like a stovetop to the touch.
i guess i knew i would shatter  if i let myself fall for you as hard as i did. but i did not expect microscopic shards of myself to fly through the atmosphere and land miles apart.
when he spotted the abandoned clothesline he knew it would be a safe place to hang his drenched fabrics to dry (safety was always his priority; practical thinkers are
When I was youngI would sit silently in my seatAwait my turn to speak whether it was given to me or notAnd more often than notI said nothing
The little things you say The tone of your voice when you say it Even though you are no longer my concern
You're all that's ran through her mind,  overthinking and lack of sleep, What was it about you that captivated her? Why was she in so deep? Two years ago she was different, 
  I want to kiss you. I want you to tell me it’s okay. I want you to say what you’re thinking. I want to push you off a train as it’s speeding over a bridge with a hundred-foot drop.
The layers of tears that I've cried have stung my eyes to that point of where seeing just becomes painful. I don't want to give up. But I'm being forced to give up. Or am I? No, this whole situation is fucking bullshit.
We all drink the world in misery as shuffled songs pass through cheap headphones
I'm hurting so bad... She doesn't know Cause she's glad I'm not in her show, I meant life, But its the same I want a knife No more of the shame
Tears don't mean sad or pain, Isn't even flow from wounded heart... Tears are way to express joy and sad... Emotion charged when fervently warmed... In Very sad or Ecstatic joy, 
They say nothing lasts forever. Now I know to this you'll disagree. You may say we'll last forever, but forever is what we'll never be. What would you do, if I said we won't last forever?
I don't know what I'm doing here.
The pounding in my head won’t go away The rush, the high, flying None of it will go away The rush, the rush, it’s supposed to end The night over, the day breaking --but fuck that why end it early?
I am a woman behind a curtain, and that's something that I find difficult to accept. Keeping lies, and secrets, I seem to always let them take advantage of every part of me my heart, my lips, my eyes.
Curled in a ball     sadness punching me in the throat like a bad street fightI consider why do I resort     to this same position     this same state of mindpainful sadness like heroin withdrawals
I remember your face on which there was pain and disbelief distorting your features beyond recognition when I saw you for the last time. Forgive me For I caused your eyes
I’m Broken up inside and I Can’t tell you what’s Wrong but I will Try to let you see. You’d Hate me so much because I’m Not what you dreamed and I Am so sorry but you
Walking away from this pain, Leaving it behind, To try and see, A new light.   
I fight my way through your Loquacious verbiage And open facade Of a closed door, Searching for entry To your ego I give respect for your walls And take care To walk around,
Caught off gaurd her laugh made me stop, and pause, sadness surfaced from deep within my chest, slowly I turned to look, dissapointed I didn't find you there, I carried on  
Forgive me for always wanting to be in love, I know it sounds dumb and stupid. But I rather be in love and feel it’s warmth then hurt from the outcome Of its winter cold.
Do not love a boy who will not read your poetry. If you pour your heart into ink and paperAnd he refuses to read, he is not right for you. You are a freshman in high school. He is a senior.
A million stars up in the sky one shines brighter I can't deny A love so precious a love so true a love that comes from me to you The angels sing when you are near within your arms I have nothing to fear 
I loathe your addiction to cigarettesand the women you go to seebecause one is killing you
In this strange tangled mess I left us in, I found love. Or rather, I think I did.   I thought I loved you. I define Love as giving anything for the betterment of another human being.  
you ripped cupid's arrow clean out of my heart. i'm still bleeding.
I have something of yours I know it's been awhile, but better late than never, right? That's why I'm at your door. Not for you, but for me to move on. I cannot carry them for you anymore.
The moment I met you, My soul knew to stay away from you, For it knew you'd be the death of me. Of course, my heart felt what it did And I suffered the tragic consequence.
wreckless of the wicked makes me yawn
You strum the strings of m
...We should probably stop speaking because I don't know who you are anymore and my mother always told me not to talk to strangers...
When I look backAt our time togetherI realize what we hadI took too lightly, like a feather. The fun, the laughs,The smiles, your kiss-These are thingsYou can't expect me not to miss.
There's regret and remorse then trying to forget and move foward, but all of this time I'm thinking...
Eventually it gets old You get tired of arguing just to have a conversation Your throat is still sore from yelling at the top of your lungs just to make sure your voice is heard
When skies were always of a blue In times when I knew love was in me, When I was young and filled with joy, The world seemed beautiful and good, I loved a girl, and she loved me,
First impression Seems to be the best But why do I find it So hard to rest Late night thoughts  On my mind Its those same thoughts That take all the time Is time running out
The worst part is not knowing why. Was it he or I who did not try? Was it my height, my personality? Or was our relationship just a formality. Were we in love with the idea of us, but never eachother?
Sometimes I dream she’s dead, Blood flowing from her head, I wish I did it, One thrash head hit, Strung from a noose, Tied so tight, she’d never get loose, A smothering pillow over he head,
 1 Roses are red Violets are blue  your curtins are opend  and im watching you     2  Twinkle Twinkle little star i want to hit you with my car 
How many times have I fallen, Only to fall apon the floor. How many times have I given my heart, Only to have someone slam the door. My heart now covered in scars, Has grown tougher then is has ever been.
Your back was my view when people saw me it was you. I could sit here and blame you for hiding me, but I’d be kidding myself. I loved the association. I felt like I needed
I guess I didn't know how to love myself. The things you said you saw... I always did think you were delusional. For I am not beautiful, I am not worthy of Want.
His eyes were an icy sea, glistening brightly, always welcoming.   His eyes were always filled with excitment, always filled with happiness, and I couldn't help wondering how I could do that.  
I imagine Life after death where we all reach enteral bliss Death is scary but the only reason I accept it is because this can't be why we live I pray god made his kingdom just for us 
I have galaxies growing inside me. I move on like light speed You are nothing more than A fleeting star blinking out.   The pain you think you caused is gone Down a black hole never to be seen again.
I've been granted a garden but I'm picking petals off flowers you never gave me to place on my face so whenI see you at Walgreens you won't be able to tell how red I'll be.  
Did you ever think about how lying is just another way of telling someone they’re not worth the truth?
Listen these days I feel enslaved in my thoughts left to rot in prison.
The intensity of every beat of my heart electrifies when we depart. You have been gone for so many years over this time I shed so many tears.   This emptinessI feel in my chest
I’ve been described as free, a description that stayed with me because I can’t be tied down, what’s the point. What’s the point to be an equal in society, I want to dance
My experience with love is  painful unforgettable betrayal Eight months making memories moments music Proving people wrong with clashing thoughts personalities
A broken heart and shattered dreams Left this man wandering 
'Twas but an hour, the brighest hour, the simplest, livliest moment.   Out like a flame, Out was my security, out was my thirst for life.   And I hated you
Every time I finally start to overcome 
You found me without searching,
I can't take this any more
I hope you know I loved you.  Sometimes that's all I think 
The path of life I walk is paved
Games of the heart are not easily won. Is there victory when the battle is done? Loss of blood will occur on both sides.
My heart swells when I read something that reminds me of you. I've kissed so many boys that my lips have turned blue. But I can not stop imagining what it would be like to kiss you.
This red rose has turned black and it won't turn back, Hard as the stone that was carried on the cave mans back, Cold as the night that shoots its vicious snow, Shooting through my heart like bullets,
You gave me your heart without blinking once. I took it passively And I suppose I have A screwed responsibility to keep it beating. But I'm falling, falling off a cliff.
it's not that i'm afraid of my mind, i’m afraid of what takes hold when i’m alone. the thoughts. they fight for their freedom. battle against the teeth that are their cells.
I just wanna go back Cause I feel like I’m in a trap I swear it felt like a heart attack Like I fell off track
I once had someone tell me that if you're lying awake at four am you're either in love or lonely, and let me tell you that's not the case because as I lie here all I can feel is the poison you've created coursing through my veins.
I never wanted to write this poem. But I have to because when I look at you, I see someone I don’t know. When you look at me, your eyes are dead. You used to have this spark, this twinkling flame in you.
And the marks you leave on me are no longer fingerprints, but scars.
Teach me to let go Teach me to escape Free me from my memories Free me from this place
We broke up two months ago Had a fight haven't talked since But I swear I can still feel your kiss Like it's tattooed on my lips.
Perhaps you can see, How perfect you are for me, Even though you are taken.   You’re one of a kind, Although to me you are blind, It is obvious how much you love her.  
Is it not enough for you that you've ripped my heart out already. You fucking broke it and now you have to step on every single one of the pieces too? Was it never enough for you to just know that I loved you?  
Helen Fisher says it is not an emotion. It is a need, It is  a hunger, It is air.   And yet so pathetic it seems, That such a sore which cannot be seen, Can possibly still be there.  
Forever trusting no one, and maybe you were right. They came around to change that. The cause of every fight. Fighting in waves crashing on the shore. The ones we pace across endlessly. 
Allow yourself to grieve Discover the way his name sounds when spoken from a throat tight with tears How it sounds thrown against the wall, shattering
To say t
Empty Rooms filled with--interrupting lightMissing floorboardsMissing stairsHungry CupboardsVacant VasesEverythingis Nowhere.No Roof
The words spilled out of me Like exhaust spews from An old worn-out car. “I do love you” Was all I said And yet I felt as if I just played some type-of Disturbed violin through my body.
Faded kissesKisses fadeOr rather vanish as it sits behind big ass lust in the shade,When we first kissedI knew it was going to be "it is what it is"Type of relationshipBut I let my feelings fall
We used to click. 
Different. That's what they say it will be. Different is like how doctors say you will feel a little pressure,  when really it's pain.
Your hands came up empty Your heart became dry When everything was set to be done. Everything that was once love became fear Now here I lay alone My body grows heavy but not enough to fall asleep
this passion for you  melted into these meaningless words on a page no one will read and the hours and minutes i spend bleeding these feelings and dead smiles
You held me   You held me when I was strong You held me   You looked at my face and told me how beautiful my smile was
These tears show pain, deep within is our anger too. If I cant stop this river, it'll overflow too. Maybe she'll come back, maybe fall in love too. Or maybe she'll run, from our love and us too. The love of our life, what did we lead to?
In a moment of walking around in the night, trialing on the floor we speak sweet nothings
FUCK! .....Manipulation...
He is tasting every savory wordWith a clenching jawIf he doesn’t lower his voice the barista will noticeAnd the inky hipsters drinking their black coffeesWill become our audience
I get into the car and you begin to drive The only thing we share on our journey is Silence It smothers our words Chokes our voices Louder than anything that could be spoken
Remember the first time? I was devistated. I was lost in a cloud of dispair, And Darkness. It tore my world apart.   Remember the fifth time? I was hurt, but used to the pain.
I’m sorry things turned sour.
He's not worth my love, He's not worth my feelings. He's not worth my pain, And me getting upset over things. He's not worth my thoughts, He's relevant no longer. He's not worth my sadness
Thanks for showing me that I don't fucking need you, That I should not have been so naive  I should of known you can change your mind whenever you wanted That the sweet words you said were just to get you by
What If I was enough For you to want to see my smile once more What If I was enough For you to come back through the door It's not your dinner dates I miss It's the way we smiled in between our kiss
Cool autumn day spent Sun setting Sick with regret. Disintegrating will In overwhelming quiet   Departure inevitable Pressing together Embracing the future, skeptical
1. You got out of jail on Sunday.  The sudden realization that you weren't just a bad dream Cracks my eyes open, makes them bleed I was Alice falling through the rabbit hole
all i have is this yellow chair. it's dusty and chipped, and from god-knows-where. it was sitting in a pile of your shit. i think i stole it from you when we split.
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
I feel stronger now that you're gone sometimes I wonder if you think of me when you're alone I'll admit I've missed you but my grey skys are finally turning blue I drive by your house sometimes
ill always remember our first kiss, thinking nothing could be better than this. ill always remember the spark i felt from your touch, and i knew i was falling way to much.
I just wanted to be your dream.
The rain began in my brain, Its lightning strikes my heart. Its torrential downpour Takes sight away, Tunnel vision
I no longer like to look back, feels like broken bones and broken glass, tastes like the final hit when the remains are ash, smells like old books, rotting houses and burning cash.  
  Lift me from the abyss I have plummeted.  I'm falling and I've lost my rope.  Take away my agony as I begin to choke.  What I thought was water was really glass. 
You told me we were something and that at some point, miles would mean nothing, that you would always be there to hold me up when everything else fell apart You had the balls to tell me you loved me
My name use to be lover
I wrote you poems when my heart was at its best and at it’s worst.
I hit you up on the phone. For once you're alone. Invite you to the parade, despite our world being gray.   Have you wrapped around my finger, except I don't.
Here i am
You came into my life when I least expected it.Next thing I knew, we were together, and I was truly amazed by it.You made me feel alive, like if nothing else mattered.You never failed to make me feel loved and flattered.
We click into socketsBut our bones know betterAnd keep us from being spaghetti dinner.
The week before you left You bought a pack of eight sub rolls Like you thought you’d be able to eat eight sandwiches before you got tired of me But you only managed to have five of them And now
He’s got the kind of name that sounds good no matter what you pair it with He’s got the kind of fingertips that are maybe a little too soft
Life's too short To be wondering why I'm stuck with you. Life's too short To hold on though I can't break through. You ego is a barrier thicker than any wall. I guess you'll never hear me call
I remember when I placed my hand on your cheek And planted one kiss on your forehead Reassuring you that everything was going to be alright And when a smiled, I felt that the world was warm
We're here again Two sides of the playing field  No longer able to feel your warmth Just left to wallow in my memories  I can't say I’m surprised Always knew it would happen  But it hurts
By: Darlyn C. Lojero   one minute, you are looking up at the sky admiring those tiny specks you called distant fire another minute, and you see none
There's a new girl in townShe's here to take my placeI didn't expect things to turn so fastso if you don't mind tell her steady her pace
You never really listened to a word I said All of it just got lost in your head You say I’m something you can’t comprehend But all I’ve done is bend Over backwards for you And your issue
I am through with this game
This day is drawing to a close, the night is coming near, And somewhere out there stars light up, illuminate my fear. It takes a dense, steel wrecking ball to break through love’s embrace,
I hated Your big blue eyes when they looked up at me My heart would suddenly fluster Words would be stuck
It doesn't matter what you say, It doesn't matter what you call me, I will continue on. You can't control me, and I don't need you, I will continue on. You're through with me?
I'm just scared one day you'll find this too stressful. Turn back to the old you and being resentful . Nothings easy when you talking bout unifying two . Especially when it comes to everything being new.
August 9: I was undiagnosed mixed stateit’s in the new DSM, a form of bipolar and I called the suicide hotlineI was going to drive my car until I ran out of gas and kill myself
That song comes on the radio, once meaningful but now makes you want to cry,You see all the memories flood back into your mind's eye, You can't rip the cords out that you keep hearing in your mind,You wish that you could change it because you know
Rules. Are meant to be broken. Promises. Are meant to be kept. Secrets. Are meant to be told. Friendships. Are meant for you to hold. Relationships. Aren't always perfect.
My heart is very sensitive. It deserves to take a rest, Once in a while. You break, you buy it. But then remember to also fix it.
You don’t understand. You don’t try to. You don’t want to. You can’t. You won’t. Why should you? What am I? An experiment? Or shall I say a daughter?
You say you're fine  I know you're not You say you don't cry I know you do You act as if you aren't sad everyone knows you are. I didn't do this to hurt you. I didn't do this to cause you pain.
Love that was thought to be everlasting, Breaking right down the seam. Days keep on passing While life still feels like a dream. The lovers that thought love was true,
My heartbeat is frozen I to you is forgotten The love is cold now, and dead But you are stuck like ice in my head I'm cursed
I stumbled upon you by pure coincidence,yet, I believe in that momnet you devoured my soul.You were the answer to all of my hopes and prayers,another half to make my heart whole.
My heart will always want you In my world its only you My mind is mixed and you know it In my thoughts you are always in it   Youre the reason for it all And to be with you again Id have to give it all
Talk to me, please  Put my mind at ease   You claim to lack the time of day But we both know those are mere words astray   I yearn to know; what is it really? I'm eager to ask, but is it silly?
What have you been up to? On the other hand, a whole lot here. I just can’t seem to get over you.   You used to tell me you loved me,
One day done  another to be found let this one be gone forever from the minds of those around let them see the despair and troubles let them see me fumble over lying flat against the wall 
Sitting, staring at the wallsWhy am I the one who always falls?In the mirror across the room I seeMy bloodshot eyes staring back at meMy eyes skim over my too pale cheeksAnd see the tears plus all their streaks
The pain I always hide, I just keep it bundled up, I wont let it show, I wont take much more, But I can not let him go, And all these things I say, Im just lying here,
10 digits to never call again To never text To never press send 10 less headaches 10 less tears shed 10 digits not to think about lying in bed 10 less arguments Yeah, 10 less laughes
I turn in a circle and danceI won't even offer the past a second glanceWho needs you?I can make do! When it broke apartNothing weighed heavyNot even my heart
I hope you keep your door open I'll hope you continue hoping That life is so much more than this You will see this ain't a goodbye Since I'm telling you from now That I'll never, never forget you
I got a call about you yesterday, I guess someone saw you driving in your beat-up truck The one with the ripped up seats and unused ketchup packets What happened to college? It started a month ago
I'm lost in all our sweet sorrow You're so afraid that we'll end to be nothing But darling everything we have we borrow And your fear is like a reflective madness   We pretend our hearts are soaring
I lay under the sea of giants, standing tall and free, Tilt and see a mural of brown, red, yellow, and green. The overwhelming of colors I feel all mixed inside of me,
Time will not fix it I promise you that No amount of time Will bring it all back   Time cannot help you It's not something you can take It's not chemically designed
You haven't talked to me in weeks And I'm damn sure it's my fault or another As I watch the sky stratify Into blues from cerulean to robin's egg And the people I pass are just shades in a jaded life.
Burn my name from your heart And forget me, like I was never there Melt my tears that froze on your cheek On that winter day I cried for you   With eyes like fire and words sharp as ice
a fight,starts slow,anger ignites it,screams,anything to say what we mean,settles,then ignites again,the words spill out,the worst thing you've ever said,it hits her like a ton of bricks,you win,she cres,you try to apoligize,yet she still cries,sh
You were my rockBut I found you too stable,Immobile, grounding, so IShattered you -A man broken into thirty-three pieces,Mere pebbles of the boulder you were.
It's hard to follow the changes in you people around you affecting your moves look back and miss what you used to be you lost what you needed- unintentionally.   I'm sorry to mess up all that we were
You think you can control me. You try and make me something I'm not. Try and hide my true selfso I can act acceptable,polite, perfect, like a puppet. Don't pull on my strings.
  We all begin as strangers no matter the connection we feel instantaneous or slow burning we start out as strangers foreign to each other Our bodies are lands we have never seen
We met in the forestDrawn by the song of theMocking birdAnd light of the moonYou called me lion girlYour fingers running through my hairI called you star boyMy lips on your freckles
It could have been the dark blue sky, time of the day or the despair. These thoughts hit me like an arrow to the head. Be calm and hopeful, please love yourself. You're your worst nightmare,
Getting reconnected with an ex girlfriend could mean nothing but to my boyfriend it meant throwing everything we had built up away. He seemed so in love, so devoted to me and the feeling was mutual
  It’s all gone. You took everything from me. (Or did I take everything myself) My family, my friends… They slipped away. Vanished. Under your mind games. You cost me my life. My future.
You still haunt me As much as I try to pretend  You still have a hold on me Your smile Your hair Your face Your body Your soul It lingers Close and still to my heart
She really thought it was real this time She was stubborn that this time, this time he was the one So she danced with words on her tongue  And made him feel like a prince
Depressed. Sitting. Cut-off. I can feel the water go down all the way to my belly. Not eating. Eating shit. Sitting. Dreary anticipation. Will my babe forgive me?
You say you’re invested but you look far from interested You say you care, but your presence is never there For you I am a matter of convenience But you consume my entire existence
I'm lost. But I remember you. "I'll give up everything. I love you." These words were meant for you. I needed the fire burning in your eyes. Otherwise I'd be unable to see
I lay in bed thinking of you once again It's like you're filling up my mind With dangerously deadly mines You've implanted in my brain
You could feel the pain In his spoken words Every word hurt more than the one before He got so close to tears Ready to disappear  
I have wasted precious paper figuring you out And I know you know just exactly what that's like I'm sure you'll never spare a word for me But I would expect you've got much better things clouding your mind
I'm sorry that I am not strong enough to hate you.   You have given me every reason To walk away, To be destroyed, But I've never been one For playing the victim.
I remember sitting in the theater, my leg pressed tightly to yours. Hand in hand, palms sweating, You said my touch was electric and we became addicted to the feeling like the nicotine on your lips.  
Sparks had caught, Heavy love arose, Time traveled away, A rift then grows.   Flames lick the corridors of my soul, Warming me up, Then burning me whole.  
How could You? Maybe it was all in my head,  believing we were different, that'd we last longer. I see the way You look at her, it crushes me to watch. It's not me you watch.
When I think about you All I see is darkness And the pain inside that took over me.   It was all good in the beginning But when it came down to the middle of it all It was a blur of confusion.
The rods are all broken The curtains are torn The windows are cracked The floorboards are worn   So much time wasted Cleaning out dust You marched in with mud Hate and mistrust  
A beast.  I was strong, fast, unbeatable, Red eyes, hot breath, Power flowing like blood. You were my pet,  Your only purpose was to make me  Happy.  And when you failed
(poems go here)Things come and go, We sit and stare out the window. Thinking what we’ll miss, And would it be different if we hadn’t kiss.   One day there, here, and the next gone,
This is exactly whatI didn't want to happenYou and me, fightingI guess I knew, deep down insideWe'd end in flamesNot that I want that,But that's were we're headedUnless we can do something
I remember the look in your eyes At the beginning of summer, and Way your lips were sweet like strawberries When we first kissed beneath the moonlit Night sky. But now those strawberries have
I miss you, I want you, I need you, I love you. 4 different things, All said to keep me around, None will work, Not anymore.
when he tells you that he no longer loves you don’t cry (the tears are already coming)breathe in (small fluttering breaths)breathe out (gasping for air)and just listen 
When lust is greater than love When hurt is too much to heal It’s hard to stay in love, When there’s nothing left to feel.   When the pain of holding on Defeats the fear of letting go
It might be very true that I’m an afterthought A ghost whose essence fades like pallid morning motes of dust that dance on rays cast through the windowsill
we're getting farther everyday your gone and I need your touch upon my skin for that pulse that drives me
my little brother is becoming that guy that I dated in high school the one that loved me until the next pretty girl came along the boy that called me beautiful in the same breath he used to
What we had is nothing but a memory now And that is all it will ever be from now on
She calls me up This absolutely gorgeous girl And says to me, “Tell me happy things.” So I tell her about fresh grass on sunny days when everything is dewy and damp and bright
Words began slipping from the creases of your mouth. I tried stopping them, Catching them with my bare hands, But I couldn't stop them.    I never could control you.
I said I couldn’t live without you but you left me yesterday and I survived. You’ll come to me tomorrow but I’ll shut my eyes to shut yours out. You’re gone. I’m alive. You’ll park the car, reach for my hand, and say
I stepped on a slug today. It made me wonder how you were doing. Leching your way across town no doubt. Filling your pockets with our disappointment. Recycling nicknames, sex games, growing pains. It's just growing up. It's a part of life.
I wrote you a letter but you never replied And something was loosed inside of my mind You can take a chance and call it independence But you’ll be gone before your time
Two people in love Such a beautiful thing. Like the voices and laughter, And the songs that we sing. But you changed your mind Like that old cliche "It's not you, it's me," And you threw it away.
Do you remember Remember me I remember you Every moment Every conversation Every smile Every dream Every love Every laugh Every little Everything I remember
Overrated and complicated It’s never what is seems Never on the same page I gave him everything
I always tend to bite off more than I can chew Struggling to swallow and stick it through The meal is always pleasing to the eye But never quite leaves me satisfied
it was the touch of your skin on mine the way your lips moved like they knew me as if they could have touched my darkest secret
My sorrow Like a tidal wave of pain, Pounding me so hard Its difficult to stay sane. The tumbling chaos of my soul, Burst up and fill my eyes And for a moment all i can see is darkness.
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