First Arrest

I take drugs to feel good, boy.
You lie like a liar should, boy.
I don't trust, but who would, boy,
after all I've been through?

I do blame you for this now.
It's your fault, and I know how
you lie when you move your mouth.
'Cause after all we've been through,
I found you on the floor in the back of the room.
Lights turned off, thought I had lost you.
Thinking to November when everything was just better.
Now I'm in the cop car, hear you screaming out the window to
save you, save you from yourself.
You're falling dangerously close to hell, oh well.
There's secrets that you just won't tell.
Do the drugs boy, make your body numb, boy.
Tell me when it's done, when you're back I'll be gone, boy.
Living life alone now, it sucks you didn't know how
to choose between your demons
and the person who held you down.

There's secrets that you just won't tell.
You're falling dangerously close to hell, oh well.


Annette M Velasquez

Raw, honest and riveting... The emotion here is powerful and the message very to - the - point and necessary. Check out my " Fleur du Mal" poem, I think you'd like it.


Aw, thank youΒ  :)Β  I try to write about real life, and I'm constantly grateful that I am able to talk honestly about some of my issues in my writing.Β  I'll be sure to check your poem out and tell you what I think.Β Β 


How would I find your poem?Β  It doesn't come up when I search for it...

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