Star Gazing

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 21:59 -- katyw7

It’s been a year:

365 days,

8760 hours,

A full rotation around our star.


I left you on the pier:

A boat filled dock,

Gently caressed by the gulf,

Stranded at night past the sandbar.


The attraction has yet to disappear:

The lust,

Our passion won’t diminish,

A connection like constellations afar.


Even then I knew you deserved better

A religious, family oriented boy,

Who fell for an agnostic girl with daddy issues.

Trouble always seems to greet me dearly.


Even then I knew you deserved more.

Because I love you

I let you disappear,

To become an astronomer

Finding another star in the sky.


It’s been a year:

12 months,

52 weeks,

A whole heartbreak ago.


I can still remember your voice:

The way you talk,

Each mannerism in your tone,

It soothes me from dark matter.


Your insight on an array of subjects

Teasing my brain,

Entertaining my thoughts,

Giving me the knowledge of Galileo.


Even then you mesmerized me,

Creating an afterglow of our future.


Did you know,

That you taught me that stars twinkle?


Even before you, I star gazed:

Searching for constellations,

Yearning to see each planet,

Every shooting star, eclipse, and moon.


It’s been a year.

I still look at the sky.


How funny that simply staring up into the vast night,

Can make me believe that I’m gazing into your eyes.




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