Faded Kisses

Faded kisses

Kisses fade
Or rather vanish as it sits behind big ass lust in the shade,
When we first kissed
I knew it was going to be "it is what it is"
Type of relationship
But I let my feelings fall
Fall hard
then surrender
I admit, I gave up all defense
I loved your sense, your wit, your whole vibe and essence
But there was no friendship
Meaning there is no relationship
Me and you? The two? The duo?
You gotta tell me something,
cuz I don't know
We are no more two links in one solid gold platinum chain,
We were faint images to each other,
we just couldn't sustain,
I hate that our kisses and jokes had to fade,
It essentially wasn't 'pose to happen between you and me
In evolved around my insecurities
I always smelled and heard yet ignored your infidelities
We share two different realities
we gave birth to a seed that wasn't suppose to grow,
that to will fade and go away
But in the end like always,
I cant let you fade
only because
We have these deep roots now
And I still love you bae

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