Dear Exes


I should’ve know by

You panicking over me hanging out with friends

And being bisexual

And calling me every single day

And asking what I was doing all the time

And saying your life would end without my love

That something was wrong.

I should’ve left you with just this.

I’m bi

Apparently you’re not

But that didn’t stop us from making out for hours

And holding hands and going on dates.

I’m glad we both experimented early on.

I don’t hate you because you broke my heart

Or our friendship.

I just think you’re really fucking annoying.



Every time my tongue spins your name off my lips

I hope I’ll forget the taste of you.

It’s been two years since I left

And you still fill me with passionate rage.

I still can’t smell Irish Spring without panicking.

I hope someone hurts you

As much as you hurt me



We should’ve stayed friends.

I’m sorry
I didn’t love you like the way you loved me.


You’re still great

You’re an amazing friend.

Come see me soon.


I was drunk

Sorry I blocked you on Skype.



I don’t really know what we were

I think we were just friends who kissed sometimes.

I hope you’re doing well.



There’s something about cheating on your girlfriend with me

To date me

To cheat on me with her
To get back with her

That should’ve told me that we weren’t meant to be.

I don’t like endings though.


You’re still great

Why are you even in this
I don’t consider you my ex



Whatever happened between us is done.

There’s something about sitting on your leather sofa

With no pants

That makes you less attractive to me.



You helped me get over a lot.

I hope I gave you something back.

We should’ve left well enough alone

And not gone back for seconds.
But I loved you.


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