Room Full Of Feelings

There is something that weighs on my chest

Every night as I go to bed,

I have no way to distinguish

What I want, what I can ask for, and what I need.

There is something that aches in my chest

Every night as I go to bed.

Last night I opened up my ribcage for you

And it all came out.

The bullets and the butterflies,

The knives and the kisses,

The needs and the needles.

There was something that hurt you in your chest

Last night as you went to bed,

I let my feelings flood the room

And I almost drown you in them.

Am I too much?

Is this too much for you?

Am I too high maintenance, as I always ask?

My mind goes a lot of places it shouldn't,

But my head fits perfectly on your chest.

I do want to meet you in that middle ground,

But I want to know if this will be okay or will be over.

And if it’s over, let us start again

As family, as friends.

I need so much,

I’m worth so little.

You give me what you have,

And somehow, I still need more.

I feel so full,

I feel so small.

I let my feelings fill this room

And they told me I’m falling apart.

I let my feelings fill my room last night

And they told me

It’s never going to be enough.


I have recorded myself reciting this poem on TikTok. Since this site doesn't allow links, I'll leave you my username:


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I love how you expressed your feelings in this! You did an amazing job, and helped make it so people can relate. 

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