I lay under the sea of giants, standing tall and free,

Tilt and see a mural of brown, red, yellow, and green.

The overwhelming of colors I feel all mixed inside of me,

Open minded, go with the flow, calm and at ease.


Close my eyes so I can paint a picture of your face,

The scene of my dream, my beautiful escape.

When the tides are low, your sculptured blonde waves

shine its rays and clearly pave the way.


Slowly I inhale, taking in the sounds of your wind,

As I exhale, you somehow take my breath away.

I open my eyes hoping you will ignite the fire,

It was but a memory, your voice on replay.


As I watched the two young birds engage playfully,

the little one chirps, the bigger one will tease.

Neither willing to take the first jump,

both eager to take off into flight together as one.


Flit float throughout time, flakes flurry down my crescent moons,

I hand you my book, you give me yours,

reading, listening, as the letters on the pages pour

Slowly my heart starts to unbend.


You were the only one I couldn't fully read,

in need of a clue to my own personal mystery.

Took my hand and led me astray,

to our very own hidden getaway.


Top down cruising through, hands up singing to the tune.

Prancing through the vast field, sprayed with drops of youth.

Pedal faster trying to keep up with the chase,

Slip and fell head over heels, you pick me up in your warm embrace.



Our love ran a natural course, my soul beneath his skin,

The comfort, simplicity, silence, and understanding all included within.

This rollercoaster ride continues into great abyss,

Strands of joy let loose in  absolute bliss.



Hand in hand we splash through our glistening reflections,

into the meadows where the smell of spring tickles the nose.

Out of the blue, the crevices formed along the top of your chiseled portrait,

your tense, trembling presence before mine pose.


I turn away as the sun fades, the heavy clouds overbear,

just at the top, our ride cut short, I shed a tear.

The last hidden page flows out of your pocket,

the secret chapter you refused me to go near.


Took just one glance into your past, chaotic.

See you drowning in quick sand,

I, you, we, all numb, so confused,

as I reach out to offer you a helping hand.


Look into you, slowly I begin to wither ,

as the clarity in your eyes starts to shatter.

This delicate flower will bloom no more,

my heart burns, offbeat in its pitter patter.


So maybe this is what love is,

And I won't give up even if you think I would,

And I won't let go even if you think I should,

Share with me, I understand, not something one ought to withstand.


Miles that will soon separate,

Circumstances that got in the way,

With all my strength, I gathered together what was left,

distanced myself, took lots of big steps.


Breathe in, Breathe out, I open my eyes,

the haze like dream made me realize.

Appreciated much, felt content,

Out the arch I let you descent.


I guess I never really knew you,

you were never just a friend.

Let's start from the beginning,

I'll reach out and extend.


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