I think it’s time to let you go

I wish this healing process wasn’t so slow 

It’s scary being with out you 

Now who do I call

when the days have been long

Do you still listen to our song? 

Or do you change it quick

and pretend I don’t exist

I’m awfully sorry

for all these questions

but I can't resist 

Tell me love

am I missed? 

I truly can not remember

the last time we kissed 

Was I just another name

to add to your list

of girls you snubbed 

I’m starting to forget

all the small things I loved

about us

like what it feels like to hold your hand while we sleep

or how it felt when we’d cuddle up and intertwine our feet. 

All snuggled up and radiating heat  

 I must admit 

I wish there could be one more time

where I’d get to call you mine

and maybe

reignite the flame that was once lit 

But that’s not possible

because all you did was lie

and make me cry

I wish I knew why 

I wasn’t good enough for you 

I  wish this wasn’t true 

But there’s not much left for me to do

But say goodbye

and lie

and say I don’t love you 

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