Hazy Cosmos

Stars that waver in the night

Its cold exterior rippled by the comets shed

The aurora night sky blooms in unknown emotions

The cosmos is all she weeps for

Wondering is this alright?


Shooting stars glisten in the silky blue atmosphere

Filled with heat and love 

Scattering amongst the pale moon's glow

Feelings so diverse in colour and intensity

The cosmos kept the world spinning

Wondering, is this alright?


The cold air has finally hit

Fog covering one’s eye view of the world display

So many stars shine vigorously

Upon the collapse of the universe, empty of a void  

The cosmos made her up of stars

Wondering, is this alright?


Falling deep into the silence of space

Breaking down the asteroids before impact

A cosmos filled with so much beauty, so much life

The aurora lights wanted to shine with it

Alast the cosmos leaves a different smoke

Wondering, is this alright?


Northern lights now wave afar

The milky way twinkling in such compassion

Her majesty starts to break in waves

She misses her world, light, and sun

She fears loneliness in the dark nights

The cosmos will be there for a billion years

But not just as bright


Aurora borealis can’t touch the space it use to hold

The cosmos still grasps her within his reach

Cradles her before dawn strikes

Wondering, is this alright?


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