Thoughts: One line at a time (Dec 2013- Apr 2014)

Forever trusting no one,

and maybe you were right.

They came around to change that.

The cause of every fight.

Fighting in waves crashing on the shore.

The ones we pace across endlessly. 

The crashing stopped,

the wind stopped blowing.

But the sun never shone through the clouds. 

and I'll burn all our letters

like the bridges we crossed.

The sparks of lost love flickering away,

turning grey as they drift to the ground.

So easily ignited, I must beware lest the small piece of ash turns into a wildfire.

I dampen the ashes.

Not too much, or the ground will flood

and everyone will know I was there.

Don't let them splash

in the puddles of the past.

You can't afford one more footstep across the field of roses. 


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