Our Flight

It all started one day,

and I had no clue

of what was coming my way

I can't believe it's true.

I was told it would happen,

by the warnings in my dreams

and I should've taken action

but I am too late, as it seems.


I thought it would've lasted

and that you would never leave

but I guess it's where we've landed

I wish I hadn't been so naive.

So much time and memories shared

That I really could have spared

If only from the get go,

You told the truth, you didn't care.


Now don't get me wrong,

by the words that I say.

Cause I really can't lie,

you were with me the whole way.


But in the end I wish you hadn't,

that you were someone I could hate.

That you were just a fragment,

and that I could hold my head up straight.


But as soon as I feel

like I am back on my feet,

and the feelings I sealed

from the memories that seep.

Those thoughts of enlightenment

that I finally meet,

are then crushed by my sentiment.

I have lost by defeat.


And it kills me inside

to know that you have no restraint.

You take no accountability

for the indignation you've inflamed.

You show no remorse,

no guilt, no pain.

And I wish that I could feel the same,

but in the end I just feel worse

because I can't even say your name,

without feeling like its a curse

and you're the one that's left to blame.

For you have forsaken me,

I am left alone in the heavy rain.


So this is how it ends.

No more deceiving, no more strain.

For this was just a burden,

all our memories down the drain.

And one thing is for certain,

that I should've used my brain

to know that you were just a person

that would cause me all this pain.

For I had envisioned

the possibility of this day.

I just didn't wanna face the fact

that you wouldn't be here to stay.


So now I must go on with life

knowing that I will be okay,

and you are now forgiven

and for you, I wish the same.

Cause yes we had our times,

and yes we had our days,

but in the end we must all know

that not everyone can stay.

To watch and see us blossom

as we gladly make our way,

across these obstacles

that we must all eventually face.


And for that is why we fight.

We chose to take this flight,

And now this is our chance

to find a future that is bright.


Sincerely, Your Old Best Friend

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