Losing Your Voise

The little things you say

The tone of your voice when you say it

Even though you are no longer my concern

It still gets through to me

Why do we play this game

The never ending chain

Back and forth

Up and down

Will it ever end

Will I ever get rid of you


I tell myself I don't care

But you're still there

Everywheer I turn

Someone knows you

Someone repeats your story

Someone knows how to get you to me

And when I see you

I get angry


Rid myself of you

Smash your presense from my past

Delete you from my present

Block you from my future

And never let you in


Because I am strong

I will lose you in the crowd

And I will find someone who talks nice to me

Someone who is stronger than you

Someone who doesn't let my independance get in the way of a loving relationship

Because I AM strong

I will not sink to your level.


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