The Curse of Young Love

I stumbled upon you by pure coincidence,
yet, I believe in that momnet you devoured my soul.
You were the answer to all of my hopes and prayers,
another half to make my heart whole.
Do you remember the first kiss we shared?
The comforting excitement when my hand you would hold?
The season did change,
the adventure carried on,
and temptation did, certainly, grow.
Caught up in a moment,
I felt so alive,
and free in spirit - like a swallow.
I remember that night.
I left your house crying, 
went home, and just stared at the phone.
That was merely the beginning to our end - 
ahead of us lay an unconquerable road.
Nothing felt right between us anymore,
clearly we both had lost hope.
Desperately we tried to arise 
from the treacherous and fated black hole.
Eventually, we gave up the fight.
We knew it was time to let go.
I guess our love was profoundly naive.
Does true love exist?
I don't know...


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