We were like a summer suntan.

It took time to create but once it was there

Man, it was beautiful.


We had it all.

We were the romance of movies.

It was quick and easy

And full of staying up late making cookies


You were warm and soft

Like the sun shining on my face.

I loved every minute of you

Even before I could tell you I did.


It was perfect and lovely

But we were young.

We had dreams that didn’t line up

And my wanderlust drew me away


I tried to get the suntan back

But the star was too far away to brown my skin.

I thought I could feel the warmth,

Just barely.


It wasn’t enough.


The sun was gone, and by the time it returns

We will be gone, too.


The seasons have changed and the suntan has left

And just as the winter steals away the sun’s last kisses

So the distance stole your kisses from me.

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