I Guess This is Goodbye

He tasted like mangos

i couldn't place it until the next day

when his lips were no longer on mine

and his hands still felt like they were on my neck

his lips and hands like ghosts

his smile, his laugh were spirits

they haunted me for days

its been a week

i think he'll haunt me for years

the ghost of what was

what could have been

and what is

i wonder,

i wonder if he couldn't place my smell

i wonder if he found it the next day

and realized his mistake

maybe he thinks about me


he remembers our kiss

and the way my hands felt,

on him

i wonder,

do i haunt him?

when he falls asleep at night

and the room falls quiet and dark

does he imagine my smile

does he remember the moments before

our lips first touch,

does he wish he could redo it all

when the time is right

am i the ghost of what was

what could have been

and what is?

am i the one that got away?


but he's the one that left.

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I love this poem so much! So good!

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