A Future Without a Past

We're here again

Two sides of the playing field

 No longer able to feel your warmth

Just left to wallow in my memories

 I can't say I’m surprised

Always knew it would happen

 But it hurts

And it hurts so bad

 I called out your name

I gave you my heart

 But nothing could keep you from looking back

I Guess I always knew

 I knew he occupied you mind

With every though t

Every kiss

Every little moment we spent together

 But I can't let you go

 My heart is yours

And it won't come back

Don't lose faith in us

 I know we'll make it through this

He's your past

I'm your future

Don't spend the moments looking back

 He's not worth the tears

Not worth every second you spend

 Just thinking about every little memory

Every little word

Every little kiss

Can't you see me here?

 Please don't destroy what we built

Brick by brick

Take my hand and let me lead you away

You take a lasting glance behind Step by step

You make your way to me

Lips by my ear

Tears rolling down your cheeks

Staining my shirt as they fall

She whispers

 "There is no future without the past"

Heart shattered

I reach for your touch but it's gone

You just kept looking back

 Now I'm in the past

And it hurts

 It hurts so bad      


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