Ragismenes Cardies (Broken Hearts)

I see the pain in your eyes and I remember the day
Our friendship ended, and I turned you away.
We never held hands, yet our souls intertwined.
Our hearts melded together; yours and mine.
It seems like it was just yesterday we were happy together.
Now it's like those moments are gone forever.
We never thought I'd be the one to cause misery.
By doing so I broke both of our hearts tragically.
"Time heals all wounds," they say,
So why does my heart ache everyday?
Now you're gone; there's nothing I can do.
I can only hope to mend our relationship someday.
I heard "our song" on the radio last month;
I found myself wishing you weren't a thousand miles away.
I watched our favorite band's new YouTube videos alone.
Then I thought it'd be more fun if you were here with me.
Whether or not you ever read this poem, I'll never know;
But I'll always remember you at the sight of first snow.

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