Mend it With Glue


He took the blade and jabbed it into my heart

A cold blooded killer, he wasn't from the start

We started out friends

But we all know there, it never ends


Friends turn to like

Hugs to bites

He did everything right


From like to love

Him, I just couldn't get enough of

And everything’s good for a number of weeks

But then our love starts to leak

And then it starts


Bites to barks

Passionate kisses to harsh disses


Sweet talks at night, turn to days and nights full of fights

Love sounds to frowns

The mouth that once said I want to be with you for years,

Can now only taste the salt from tears


Once so in sync

Now missing links

Trying so hard to work it out

Because that’s what being one is about


Heart shrinks in size

I want you to keep telling yourself the lies

But I know, you know what’s true

Take a left, and find the clue

Shattered, piece it up with glue



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