Fri, 05/01/2020 - 12:48 -- Kbliss

Locked myself in the bathroom

I Could feel your arms on me

Your tears on my cheek

Screaming please don't leave

But that was in my dreams

But in real

Every fire we were estigusing

Before we got to deep

Has only made our holes in our hearts bleed

How Could we be so Naive

Love while fighting

Merging with my inner demon

You pull me in try to find a heartbeat

You try to say anything that will make

Me stay but tomorrow yea i fear you’ll

forget it

But i want you to know they’ll be no heartbeat

I've been helplessly praying for you, i'd give you all of me

I've been so lost

I dont know whats right

What's wrong

You say hold on i still want you

But i just want to let go

My shaking breathe fills the air

You pace the floor

How Could we be so Naive

How could you make this right

Tell me you love me, but your afraid to love

I would love you for the rest of my life

But we are just kids who want love

Is it wrong that i wanted every piece of you all

Strings attached

The only air you breathed was of me

I know you’ve picked your pick

So excuse me if i gone to just caring for you as a friend

So excuse me if my heart beats for all the wrong reasons

And it ain’t love but i can’t shake all these feelings we’ve gone through

But i’ll just wait till the moment’s right

I’ll get over you


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