We broke up two months ago
Had a fight haven't talked since
But I swear
I can still feel your kiss
Like it's tattooed on my lips.

Our relationship was like a bad dream
But I can't get out
Even after I woke
It was only 12 weeks
But you're tattooed in my head.

Everynight I feel your touch on my chest
Like your fingertips are tatooed on my skin
It's that permanent feeling
You know will never go away
Even though you've tried to wash it out from the inside
It heats my heart and speeds it up
I feel your fingers running through my hair
And I think about the nights we went to far

I haven't slept on three weeks
The feel of your body all over me
It's tattooed on my skin
It'll never come off
And I know that"s where it'll be.for the next three

Your life is tattooed into mine
Tattooed in my head and on my lips
Tattooed in my hair and on my chest
Tattooed,.tattooed on my skin, tattooed, tattooed


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