The Aftermath of Us

Our laughter 

And smiles 

Follow me like ghosts


When did joy turn to anger

Happiness to sorrow 

Where did we go wrong?


Once our hands

Bound us together

Now we walk separate paths


The ghosts of yesterday haunt me

Did we end because we didn't try

Or did the pieces never fit?


I'm free from the chains 

That bound me to you

Free from the thing us became 


It's true that we did the right thing

We had good times

But they faded to bad ones


Could we have stopped the break?

Why did we fall apart?

Were we always just friends?


The questions my haunt my soul

Yesterday may dwell in my memory 

But I just miss what we once had

Not what we became 


In the end you and I 

Should have known 

That we wouldn't last 


One day I'll find true love

And so will you

But it won't be with each other 


She'll love you 

In ways I never could 

And you'll love her the same


You'll drop everything

For a second of her time 

And she'll do the same 


When you both say 

I love you 

Your hearts will agree 


Our love was like a child's first

Your love will be true

And it'll last 


And someday I'll do the same

We both deserve happy endings

And real romance 


In the end we let each other go

Because we loved each other

Because that's what friends do 

In the end that's all we were


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