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I always tend to bite off more than I can chew
Struggling to swallow and stick it through
The meal is always pleasing to the eye
But never quite leaves me satisfied

My insides growl from eating fruit from the poisonous tree
I regret allowing impulse to get the best of me
My expectations deflated
I’m in no respect feeling elated

For some reason these cravings never replete
I indulge in the treat
Tasting the sweet which can only deplete

Enjoying the pleasure while its still there
When the last bite leaves my plate bare
I always look for seconds in despair

Unable to have more of that delight I seek a new gratifying taste swiftly
The taste on my tongue lingers reminding me of my history
A reminder of my putrid desire
When will I taste a bite that won’t expire?
I look for a catch that never leaves me hungry for more.


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