Desert Flower

When skies were always of a blue

In times when I knew love was in me,

When I was young and filled with joy,

The world seemed beautiful and good,

I loved a girl, and she loved me,

And that was all that really mattered. 


But time drags on and love can fade, 

We fought and then she found another, 

I wandered lost in fogs of grey

Where all was harsh, and cruel about me. 

It seemed that dark was all I knew

And all I'd have forever more.


From bright and young to dark and old

I felt my spirit shift inside,

I felt a hate within my soul

A rancid bubbling deep within,

For all the world and all in joy.

But most of all, it was for me.


But then one day I saw a babe,

Who toddled up to me quite fearless,

She had a flower in her hand,

Her ruddy cheeks pushed in a smile,

She put the flower in grasp,

And said: "Don't look so sad."


That anger bubbled to a climax,

But turned to grief within my eyes,

As tears streamed down, I found my error,

This little girl had found it out.

The world had never failed me once,

But I had failed myself too many times.


I still hold onto that old flower

Although it's dead, it still smells sweet,

Of many deeper lessons that I learned,

And of the hope that I can always keep.

So long as I draw breath, this much I know:

That even in the desert flowers grow.


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