It's not easy unifying two

I'm just scared one day you'll find this too stressful.

Turn back to the old you and being resentful .

Nothings easy when you talking bout unifying two .

Especially when it comes to everything being new.

You think you stable, ready and you fit ?

Cause I'm looking for something split slick ready and legit.

I want someone to commit to,

longterm ; the man that I admit to.

i been tryna be precise with mind,heart open.

open to advice so you know i aint jokin.

I'm looking for a man who's nice,  

nice not just talking bout polite,

but who's got a head held on his shoulders.

Held upright with pride and me as the wife by his side.

Is a womens dream too much to ask for to provide.

Should this lil joy be hid or at this point just get rid

in fear to yet again loose all those tears.

When do I know a boy turned to a man became real with his words and real with his plans?


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