Love/ Hate

You’re everywhere,

No matter where I’m at I can feel your stare,

Following me like my shadow, your eyes trace my every move,

I do not know the reason, or what it is that you’re trying to prove,

I hate the way you look at me with your small, darting eyes,

I no longer see beauty in them, no, now they’re muddy with lies,

I hate the way that your cologne lingers when you walk past me,

I hate being around you, of your presence I wish I could flee,

I hate the way my heart burns when I turn a corner and you’re there,

Why do I have to feel this way? Don’t you know this isn’t fair?

I hate the way that my stomach flips when I hear that you’re saying my name,

I wish you’d keep it out of your mouth, erase me, I’m no longer a player in your game,

I hate the fact that you may never leave, that you’ll stay here and torture me longer,

But most of all, I hate the fact that I let myself fall in love with such a monster

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