It’s all gone.

You took everything from me.

(Or did I take everything myself)

My family, my friends… They slipped away.


Under your mind games. You cost me my life.

My future.

You frustrate me everyday.

You take my funds.


Light up that cigarette.

                                          Suck on those Snus.

                                                                               Guzzle that Redbull.


Without me, YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE.  

Oxycontin, Xanax, Percocet, Vicoden.


That’s where you’d be.

Not stealing my laptop.

Force me to drive you.


Forever. But I cannot leave you. I nurture. And you need it.

And I cannot let go to what I know.


So put that Suboxone in.

I’ll light up my bowl.


And leave this all behind.


I don’t write.

But no one is here to listen to my pain except the keyboard and computer screen.


So I’ll write.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i sense anger and disbelief

poetry is that outlet in which it permits you to express yourself freely

i commend you for telling your own life story

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