Don't You Love Me?


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He says, "don't you love me?"

I say, "I don't know,"

I thought so at first,

But now that we've grown,

People will change,

For bad or for worse,

But growing apart, 

Now that always hurts,

He says, "don't you love me?"

I say, "but I did!"

So young and so innocent,

A guilible kid,

Unaware people were capable,

Of malice and hate,

Disloyally disowned by the one,

That I date,

He says, "don't you love me?"

I say, "depends on the year,"

For once we were adorable,

Now you bring me to tears,

The person you were,

Is not who you are,

The smiles have faded,

Memories distant like stars,

He says, "don't you love me?"

I say, "it was wrong,"

Because once you loved her,

I didn't belong,

I wanted you,

And I could not share,

So I hardened my heart,

Guarded by fear,

He says, "don't you love me?"

I say, "like a friend,"

But after you kissed me,

We tried it again,

But the good years for us,

Were all in the past,

You broke my trust,

We could not last,

He says, "don't you love me?"

I say,  "never again,"

Because I deserve better,

And this needs to end,

We pick up the phone,

Only to fight,

And learn that goodbye,

Isn't the same as good night.

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