A Face Without a Name


My name use to be lover

But I realized now

That you gave my name away to another

We met

In a place where hearts should never meet

Where love was only a fantasy

Something you dreamed about but never spoke of

Something beautiful you could see but never touch

Like the stars

Like, I was just a speck gazing up at you

A star in the sky

And out of those 10 billion I knew

That you were the brightest one

It was in that moment that you gave me the name, lover

It was in that moment 

That I

A speck of dirt

A nothing 

Became lover

Became yours.

But it was there that we met in a place where hearts should never meet

Galaxies pushing us apart

Their hands stinging as they yanked me away from you

But I am already caught up in your Nebula

They shield your light away

And strip me of my name

I am no longer lover

No longer yours

If only my arms could push past them

If only I could reach you

But you've given my name away 

To another

Now I'm just a nameless speck you use to call lover

You don't shine as bright anymore

Your light has left your eyes

And I've been crying

Ever since you left my sky


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