So I Listened

Sat, 12/14/2013 - 15:19 -- aschwee


You never really listened to a word I said

All of it just got lost in your head

You say I’m something you can’t comprehend

But all I’ve done is bend

Over backwards for you

And your issue

I’ve given so much that you don’t appreciate

And now it’s too late for me to commiserate

I never gave you my heart

But I know I gave you part

Cause I didn’t want to hurt

But you dished out all your dirt

So I listened

I didn’t want to trust

But your trust was gathering rust

So I listened

I didn’t want to care

But you shaved off all your hair

And showed that you can be good if you desire

But I was looking for a power that was higher

For someone else to be in control

And end my roll

Of fucking it up

But you fucked it up

I don’t know what I did wrong

I can say I was strong

But if that’s so

Then what you did was so low

I didn’t want to cry

I wanted to fly

With you

And see your view

But I did cry

And I can’t fly

So I guess I’m falling

Now that we’re done stalling

Now that we’re done

And nobody’s won

But I listened

You never listened

I gave you my everything

And you took my wings

I can’t be your best friend

So I guess that this really is the end


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