The Air is Such Sweet Vice

I have a healthy fear of lying
To myself and those around me
Often these lies
They won't die
No matter how hard I try
I just feel like I'm dying.
And it's apparent often, probably.
But I can't help the lies said to me.
No, those I just have to accept.
See when I hear
The things I fear
When death is near
I can't help but worry.
I worry about what I have left.
No it's not too much anymore.
In fact it feels like nothing.
But then I really get it
And honestly you can bet it
Won't be long before I let it
Weigh me down.
Down to a place I never thought I'd be.
Take me away from here.
This house is filled with memories.
With the smells of the past
The sights can only last
I can only hope to leave fast
Cause it's poison.
Yes, this house is poison.
I used to go there for comfort.
And often our vice is our love.
But when my bed
Where I lay my head
Is for another instead
I can't take it.
Even if I think I might want to.
No I've got to get out.
I can't do this anymore.
I need to move along
Sing my parting song
Wave goodbye to all the wrong
And leave.
Because this air chokes me.
It makes my stomach turn
And my lung constrict.
My breath is gone.
There is no dawn
So I have to move on.
For my sake.
And anyone else who's trapped
This house is nothing but sweet poison.
And it's about time I learned how to deal with that.


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