Mon, 01/27/2014 - 13:04 -- amrg3

You told me we were something and that at some point, miles would mean nothing, that you would always be there to hold me up when everything else fell apart

You had the balls to tell me you loved me

But it’s so much easier to be with someone who isn’t made up of anything except a reputation, except a skin covered in foundation

The girl you met through my destruction the first time around

The type of girl I wanted to protect you from

And I guess it’s easier to say yes to that in the long run, even though I know what you told me

I memorized those words backwards and forwards, in every dimension

And I’m pretty damn sure you know what you meant

Or maybe it was your ‘self profound ego’ talking

All you left me with is heartbreak, all you’re going to leave in the long run are the same scars that everyone else did before you

But I keep asking myself: why the hell you did believe he’d be different

Maybe because I met you before your ego formed

Maybe because late night rendezvous and all the trends of teenagers did not

apply to you then

Maybe because you saw me when I was invisible, and helped put back my pieces, attaching yourself with them

But I shouldn’t care, because you were never mine, and we got so good at hiding those feelings

We didn’t let them show when it mattered most


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