Pale skin like cream 

Brown hair like coffee

Smile so sweet 

Sugar would be salty 


You’re my caffeine in the morning 

When I look into your eyes 

Robust like hazelnut

Suddenly I’m vitalized 


I like your 5 A.M. brew

When it touches my lips 

Hot and aromatic 

It’s was my addiction 



That first sip 

Before sugar 

Before the cream 


It’s very bitter

Perhaps bittersweet 

Like our memories


Eventually that sweet cup of joe

Will get cold 

That’s how you know 

It’s time to let it go..


Maybe finding something new 

Something more bold

Something that’s going to last 

& keeps it warm like Styrofoam 


Have that same love 

But with a different flavor 

That gives your mornings purpose 

That makes you want to save that last sip for later 



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