Nearly There

Wed, 08/26/2015 - 22:55 -- Alex_M


United States

Regret never tasted so sweet
as when learning to regret not meeting
sooner in love, sooner in life.


One love poem to go,
one smile to send on the setting sun and
whisper your name as I cross my heart
hoping to find your name aglow
on my skin, soft as your voice tenderly
calling over and over across the sea of
telephone wires spanning the distance
connecting me to you,
I’m wondering if you will ever send
someone else, instead of me,
postcards saying,

Wishing You Were Here!


Play with me darling,
I wish I could pull from a cigarette your
voyeuristic visage as I breathe you in, but I promised never to smoke
Oxygen burning every cell
because when I breathe you aren’t beside me
and the time difference I fear
much more than the entropy.

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