Do Not Love A Boy Who Doesn't Read Your Poetry


Do not love a boy who will not read your poetry.

If you pour your heart into ink and paper
And he refuses to read, he is not right for you.

You are a freshman in high school.

He is a senior.

You are insecure, angry with the world, and over all--well...horny.

He, however, carries a fake confidence that steals your heart

His honey coated lips promise you that he loves you

He sees a future with you

And he kisses you hard because he says his lips are simply incapable

Of forming words to say how much he loves you

Although you have gathered them and hid them under his pillow

He will never read them because he "just can't understand what you're saying".


Do not love a boy who does not listen to the love songs you send

You spent hours finding the perfect melody 

To reach down into his arteries and breathe love 

Into the very blood that graces his finger tips

That he swears will write love notes in your skin

He will send you meaningless music

From genres you don't even like

And you will listen to all of them.

But when you compile a mixed CD of music

That you danced to the night he kissed you behind the curtains
He will put it in his dresser with the rest of them.

When you write him a novel of how amazing he is
Because his dad told him he would amount to nothing
But he only sends you a sad face when your cat died

When he doesn't respond 
Unless you're you're walking a tightrope of 
"Help me, I want to die"

When you are having a goodbye party

And he accuses you of "ruining a good time"
Because you are sad and need to be held,

When you come into town to see him
And he makes zero time to see you

When he tells you your love poems are "weird and creepy",


Write about it.
Publish it.

But don't you dare let it make you stop writing, 

He won't read this anyway.


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