We met in the forest
Drawn by the song of the
Mocking bird
And light of the moon
You called me lion girl
Your fingers running through my hair
I called you star boy
My lips on your freckles
You promised me the night
I promised you the day
And tangled sheets in-between
You called me lion girl
I called you star boy
You said you would
Never forget me
Carving L and S into the
Trunk of the oak
I was your lion girl
Your whispered to me
And you were my star boy
One by one your constallations 
I don’t know how it happened
Your light was bright in my heart for so long
But you dimmed
Your promise died on your lips
My star boy
Didn’t want me
The lion girl
Who was so fond of him
Once you called me your lion girl
You were my star boy once
Now we are memories
Carved in the bark of a tree.


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