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Unspeakable, unreasonable expectations. There are no words to describe what it is, There are no directions to tell you where to go, There are no instructions,  Except, and accept, that it will not be easy.
Help. Fights, screams, yells, sirens, ambulances... No such thing There is no help Crying and yelling Sirens and running Nobody helps you Nothing helps you Overbearing, rotten 
So you found out Well, how do you feel? Me? I feel vulnerable Anxious Confused Judged Hurt Angry Destroyed This was a side of me that you weren't ready for
It’s not that simple, Trying to see the good again. The grey days just seem to blur together, In a never ending stream of sadness.   Have you ever felt so sad that you can’t cry?
Your pissing me off because everytime you open your mouth I pray you say something stupid but instead I am met with your artistic views and original ideals and it dissapoints me that you can say something so beautiful.
Once sitting alone in a cold room while graced with the warmest of hearts the voice rings out in a moment of panic "how do you eat an elephant?' My mind stops, heart races Mind now emptied of everything I am
Some people out there in this world hide many things.
Myself... without a mask, without any reason to hide behind a wall of lies, exposing the girl who's hidden for so long,  a musician, a girl who seeks to change the world,
I am passionate. When I love something, it is more than love; it is a clawing, aching, inescapable need for more of it. I love movies, a lot.
Facebook, Twitter, the 'Gram It's all make believe, like a fairytale People will go to the 'Gram,
I am weak.My skin is crisscrossed with
when I think of the word "Life", I think of a flower. The seed gets planted, gets water and get shine on by the Earth`s light. It then gets fed with pain and heart.
Authenticity The orgin of all truth The face of deceit
I walk around, wondering. I wonder, how will the future be. The future seems promising. The promise is withheld by each individual. Each individual seems unknown of the promise to withhold.
Master Mind
Walking in the hall of high school, masses of students passing you by. Some recognized you and wanted to compliment your stylish clothing.
I have been writing for almost a decade now and what I’ve learned Is that poetry is damn dangerous, But it is the only safety I’ve ever found in my life.
Mirror, Mirror. you can see me, but can you hear me?   Please tell me you're not like them, you don't just see what's on the outside, you can hear me.   You know me,
Who I am you don’t know Who I am I don’t really know
Society Damned if you do
Flex my fingers                 crimson, chartreuse, jet, slate, vermillion
Monday through Friday I race the sun awake. Shower, makeup, give my hair a shake. I dress for an interview, yet it’s my every day apparel.
I am sick of this. Aren’t you?
When I close my eyes I'm travelling with backpacks hanging off of me they aren't heavy because they're just enough
I hide behind a mask of hurt, insecurity and rejection. Maybe its because I was never a boy's first selection, not having an hour glass figure really killed  
A man once told me He told me you see That you can be anything You wish to be   But what he says And what I see Are nothing but visions Of obscurity   The mirror reveals
"I love you, sweet heart" No, you wanted me. "You're my little girl" No, I was your toy. "I didn't hurt you" Yes, you did.    "You're such a spaz" I'm sorry, I just get excited.
The real me is like the real you. Sitting behind the scratched, glass pane         separating us, In our once a week, twenty-minute-monitored conversation. As we speak through the coils of a half-
It’s too easy to fake a smile, force a laugh, say “I’m doing well”   It’s too easy to go with the flow, to become clichés, to rely on autopilot.   It’s too easy to slather on foundation,
Being two people at the same time is hard.
Rumor has it that scars of gold kept you hidden behind a veil of words that were forbidden to hear, and the tattoos of watercolors began to slosh around on your marble skin, until no single pigment could be found.
I stand behind the curtains of an unaccepting society Pulling at the seemingly infinite weight Yearning to be nothing but myself   The curtain weighs down with He/she
For personal use
            "The road less traveled" Frost was and is still onto something. We, humans are so scared and dependent: Waiting for someone establish and cultivate a barefaced modus operandi.
Beauty comes from the roots
Dear mom, 
People judge me by the looks and the actions they see daily. It is hard to show them the real me. The reason I don’t show the real me because I’m afraid
Air, trees, and shelter Hair, weed, and nectar Material things versus Minor needs which will benefit the most when you breathe seems as if the consequence is not acknowledged  until someone bleeds
"Shes strong beautiful has the whole world at her hands"  yet shes sad scared and surrounded by everyone yet feels so alone  "Shes Beautiful.."  She Cant stand to take full body pictures  "Shes confident"
I am a slave to their words, a mutt in their eyes, for bastards like me were not meant to survive, I have the face, the nose, eyes, and lips of a Salabie, a rich man’s name,
  I am not being Only a swelling soul that lies within
I’m on the inside looking out Biding my time till I can stride out I push and I pull and I purposefully repeat But these durable bonds are unbreakable My unlivable cage is indestructible I yearn to be free
I don't know what I want. All I know is what I've been told. But are my thoughts truly my own? Does that make them mine, Or are they something instilled?  
I am her. I am that girl who is the most liked in school. I am that girl who everyone loves. I am that girl that everyone admires. I am that girl who all the school boys like.
I don't know what you see But is it really me I hide behind so many different things Sweats on the regular Books are more interesting Very few friends Because I am no means to an end
The sun is rising. It’s time for another day I get up Put on my mask Pull the curtains shut Start playing the hologram. There’s a person moving across the stage
Do you know the girl behind the mask? Everyone thinks they do; they could not be more wrong.  Photography saved her when pain changed her, Reality made her the very thing she had feared;
You'd never see me The true me, the real one inside Because my heart's been broken and I've learnt how to hide I took my feelings and locked them in a cage And there they've stayed while I have aged
Changes don’t happen overnight;  but if they did, think of it this way: dusk is the beginning of the bad stuff. The darkness sets in slowly, and then all at once,
In grade 7, I had an idea. A man. He leads a tiresome, boring life, And when he sleeps, He escapes in his dreams. How beautiful, I thought, A man so in control of his dreams.
  To fall in love
I walked on broken glass,
Warmth enfolds me. The cleansing current upon my spine, without it I'd be filthy, and safety no longer mine.   I remain concealed, behind this curtain, due to my most solemn doubt.
Walking thru those double doorsThe real me is at t
I'm a very secretive person, I lurk in the shadows. I come and go like some godfather. I hide behind my mask, built off of past experiences.
A facade of what you want me to be. You want nice, I am perfectly pleasant You want smart, I am intelligent You want silent, I am mute When people need me I am there
The same weird looks I receive when people hear my last name are the same ones I get when people get to know me.
The man behind the glass mirror striding with the shadows the voice behind the tranquil singer is he deep in care or is he shallow?   He is neither subdued nor self-centered
All that separates us is a curtain.   The one you’re looking at- The side made of Sugary pink fabric- Is the side I show you. I decorate it with Bright lights of hopes,
It surrounds me. It consumes me. The black fog that fills my mind.   It only comes when I'm at my lowest. It knows when it's welcome. That's the problem, I welcome it. With open, raw arms.
You apologize for everything—even though it’s not your fault.
*/ /*-->*/
There was a conversation that never happened Not even a deleted scene More like a storyboard Lost An idea cut from the first draft    And you are costarring
When you ask me who I am there's so many ways I could view it, 
Shuffles of papers of decks of cards Rearrange, restage the stars. “I like stars.”  Reception: laughter.
The gates have cracked The walls have fallen I don’t want to go back I found myself here I cannot let this go
My life has been full of secrets My thoughts much protected My personality a big puzzle
I've made a deal with Mephistopheles, One signed in crimson blood.  I resigned a significant portion of myself To a hell in which you can't even imagine And for no greater reason than
I am me.  I am one of a kind. I don't comply to your societal norms. I don't hide behind lies.   But, sometimes, I have to pretend.  Sometimes, me, isn't good enough. At times, I am forced,
When people see me They don't really see me The smiles The laughs The "I-don't-really-give-a-fuck-about-it-all" attitude Is what keeps me safe
My own chest seizes at the sound of sobs Watching rose petals fall from their stems with ease Remember  How a touch of sweat will form ink globs
No one knows what I've been hiding,
"A Poem Written at One in the Morning on a Random Thursday" or "Maybe Curtains and Masks Aren't So Bad After All" or "A P
This is what happens when I speak my mind. "All you do is complain all the time." This is why I can't be me. Because, you see, to me, my life is just not complete.
What constitutes a mask?For me, bright eyes, dazzling smiles,and false perfectionsconceal the truth.
There is something holding me back Perhaps a nagging feeling in my head? Every time I see a reason to offer help I tell myself I would jump At the opportunity.  
Daughter of an Irish man,
I am 16, nearing the end of the 2nd cycl
Arrant and austere, Highs and lows. No in between Just excessive extremes Of commendable and baneful times, Blissful and despairing moments That altered me Into whom I am.
Curtain? What curtain? My face screams agony wherever I wander Between the lines of a soft smile And the Gap in my two front teeth I laugh, for the pain is too great
staring at a crowd- a clique of friends but, alas, I am not one of them walking on the outskirts, outsider looking in sitting in the back, needing some oil for my tin congratulations I'm the first one
Day by day boisterous people walk my way I sit in classrooms with people who speak their minds Their confidence is so high they don't care what they say Oh how I wish I could be the same way
The world only sees What I want them to see The true me is a mystery I crumble behind the scenes   I smiled once today And it was a miracle, see, For the first time in months
Is this me? Who have I become? Why am I different? This new person seems weaker
 I am among those Who are made of glass Fragile, brittle,ready to Break
I speak loudly and I speak proudly about everthing about me Ask me any question and I'll give you a dissertation I wear my heart on my sleeve And so it's hard for people to believe
just smile because it’s easier than to confess just wave as if somebody could care less just go and maybe you’ll soon progress just stand even if you’re below the rest   they say
Allow me to be your magician.
On the steep ledge, i reached behind me a flower appeared of the ordinary as my eyes started to close the world seemed to immediately freeze i forced my lids open and trembled in the cold quiet breeze
You'd be surprised to figure out who hides behind these lies, You'd be surprised to figure out who smiles while in disguise, It's me, the girl who you see smiling all the time,
I remember how the shackles fit since I was three years old  and noticed that my brother had cars and I had an apron lined with  silver bars, they trapped my dreams they hid my screams under a noxious smell
The crevices of my soul Are left untouched by the purest of men. They do not craft me, I craft myself. A pretty picture I paint to the world,
I wonder if they hear me,  Does anybody know? Everything I keep inside The things that I don't show.   It creeps in on me like darkness, Almost impossible to see; I'm running around in circles
I've heard it said that to see a mans true face, you need only give him a mask. 'Why give someone something we all construct anyways?' I ask. 
Who do I say, Do I say that I am? What am I now, Am I now that I was? When will it be, Will it be truly me? Where does this end, Does this end with a dream? Oceans rolled,
This is "state of mind"- Mine, but is mind "the dwelling?" Or is it the heart?
Masks are a tricky task. Something we can only percieve. They lead to schemes,screams and being mean.   
 I’m concealed in all of your nerves,
Mom, Dad, I have a confession to make
Who am I? to be exact. Well don't we all wonder that. We each think we are one way or another, but act so differently with eachother. Myself, I think I'm curious and smart,
A girl born mid February Such little did they know Soon leaping, skipping, dancing girl They planned to watch her grow   They took her home that very night
A pretty face with dark brown eyes,  
Keep my gaze down,Headphones glued in my ears.Smile at the right moments.Do the right moves, say the right lines,And no one will ever suspect a thing.No one will know that I struggle.
girls are taught to be somebody's  instead of somebodies
       This is something I ask myself every now and then! They told my parents “She has ADHD”. In private school there is no help for this.
I can't appear from an open curtain, I am quite rather uncertain, because everyone already knows wo I am, I don't understand, How to appear from an open curtain.  
I wear the mask to stop the wallsI wear the mask to hide any tears that may fallI wear the mask to cover my confusionAnd stop the walls that are no more than an illusion
Oh that the lovely flower, which has everlasting powerGhost that holds the flower has taken an hourWho, by chance will grow?And no one will ever showBut, if the winds decide to blow
While she sought an escape, Narcotics became her answer; So I had to drape
Silently in the halls I walk Thoughts and images crowd my head No words exist to let me talk Rogue feelings weigh me down like lead   I've built stories inside my head
Rising with the sun starts my everyday Look out to the arena and see a mere Horses and boots are my life Ride everyday with no fear   I am constantly throwing hay Year after year
Education though, it's awful. I walk into school and want to turn around and go School sucks and should be unlawful. Education though. Education isn't fun but you know what is? Waffles.
See my mirror my complexion is clearer
I melt in his gaze
I can't always pretend That I've got everything together, Showing no emotion like a man. I can't always wear a brave face When things plummet downhill. I want to disappear without a trace.
Open up the curtain suppressing the real you, Push back the boundaries. 
We live in a land of shadow a
Hiding there around the corner  Is the inner me I'm hard to catch a glimpse of  Till you really look and see    I can be whatever you want  As long as you are pleased
Queen B Queen ME “To know love is to know pain” Fall in love Kiss him Fulfill his fantasies Before they turn the lights out That one love that ripped my heart out Be strong
Insecurities unfold all around us Everyone’s walking around like their aimless No one shows their true colors Everyone only judges, why bother Afraid to show the world In fear of acceptance
I like the way I am but I hate the way I seem.
When you think about yourself, and who you really are, do you picture someone in the shadows, or a blinding bright star? But who you really are is completely up to you, because everybody has
Gay. Respectable. Intelligent. Deviant. I'm all of these things And none of them. My identity is contradictory. Exsistence, a paradox.   Wandering and lost
I am more than just my name.
Through the naked eye,
You know that girl who's always smiling in the hallways, The girl who knows everyone and speaks to everyone, The girl who isn't popular, but everyone knows her, Because she has a free spirit?
I have a metal object... Do you know what it is? It could be heavy or light... Do you want to see it inmy hand?
Brown and White walls Confinment everywhere for all eyes to see and stair Thirteen girls five room Quiet and afraid of ourselves We are here for a reason We want to die
The white snow falls from a blue sky gently landing on the land below. It covers this world in freezing blankets of white as the dirt beneath quietly hums with the warmth of life.
Sometimes the disconnect between the world and me (not the fingers typing the words, but the place
Silver rain cascades down my face,
I wish I could But I never will It hurts too much And it might just kill I'm sure it's nice But I won't speak The people I love Won't ever love me I'm alone But it's okay
I talk but no one hears me I listen but am not listened to I am hiding in plain sight  
A mass pool of children are labeled and mixed together All different cognitive thinkers, forced to pay attention To topics that don't matter iPhone. math. advertisement.  distractions.
Inexperienced,  low,
Reyna is an undefinable person Every characteristic of hers contradicts the other She's smart, yet so foolish  She's friendly, yet so anti-social She's strong, yet so weak
Sometimes I'm the Earth. I have a thin Yet impenetribaly dense  Crust all around me.  Nobody is allowed to go in.  Nobody.  Unless they want to burn to death with me. 
So long, she's spent hiding, behind her velvet mask. Hiding herself from the judging eyes, Pretending to be someone, anyone else. She smiles, while everyone stares intently.
What do I look like in a room of others thinking, thinking out of this world? No one even notices me, I past by and I get a glance if I'm lucky I feel gold though,
As the crowd’s conclusions falls to hush                 I could make the joker spin and blush At the lies I tell and the mask I wear At the chances I take in double dares My skin changes colors as chameleons
I am worth more than a once over, Do you know how long it takes to look this great? Sun-kissed skin and raven black hair, I am unique and I do not need you. I am not meant to be a secret,
She falls asleep without a sound
She is like a thief in the night She is the fear of all ages She is the killer of all races She is no where to be seen She is a toxic waste She is unpredictable She is the one that changes lives
Music is a curse.
Everyone has a mask whether they know it or not,
I don’t want to be a robot, someone’s invention
This fear I feel is formed from my imagination.   Constantly contemplating where my life will be stationed.
I wish things wouldn't be so rough
Who am I? Do I hide behind a shadow Of who I really am, Or do I show all with no fear?   I am anxious Incapable of anything But Shaking & Fear   But I am proud
As I write this poem, I realize just how much of myself I've lost while I wear my favorite accessory,
I'm lost. In a place where I won't be found. In a place where no one cares.   I'm lost. No one looks for me. No one wants to find me.   I'm lost. In my life. In my dreams.
She dries her eyes with tears and tissues ruin her mascara. She wears a suit of armor, to mask her weak defenses. This girl hides the so many things that make her human.
This is the me that they know, A smiley, carefree me that they know, The girl who is always happy, The girl that always laughs and is Godly, . That girl that gives the best advice,
I hide behind the curtain.
Brown eyes, cream skin
B e h i n d    t h e    c u r t a i n are    props.   Scales,     pencils          tie dyed colors   d a n c i n g on objects,               objects     used  on
"Who is this person before me?"
See the Light Watch its smile Across my sight Creating my style   My struggle you must Never understand But brush the Dust From this brand   Assist my comfort
When I was a little girl, I planted a garden, In my heart. I could have grown nasturtiums,
I see the world in words, not pictures like everyone else. I write and jot and scribble to fend off the monsters in my mind.
Don't we all hide behind some curtain? So selfconcious of who we are,we lie for the approval of others. I am guilty of this sin too. I hide behind a facade,to hide my weakness.
The smiles you see  Are far from me. My eyes face your direction, My head is paying no attention.   I tell you my name, You follow the game. We exchange biographies.
After being continuously exposed to my Cool exterior, No one would ever guess of the Monsters Inside my innermost being. After looking into my bright eyes, No one would dare consider
My mom likes to  think I'm just like her That I love crowds of people and constant noise That I love calling all attention to myself And that I like conflict My mom thinks I hide my real self from the world
It over casts my shiny day, leaving me rejected and left behind A smile shadows my life, as tears are behind the scenes I see others up ahead of the path, running and cherring in the light
I open my oral entrance to express my thoughts. You criticize harshly. I design a breath taking image.
Standing behind the curtain I look out and see white porcelain staring back at me Now I know for certain There is nothing here  for me except shame and fear No one will want me, someone so broken
“Curtain and the Wind”   A curtain   Flutters and flies through the Dark days and bright nights It hides what is hidden forgiving lies that shouldn’t Be forgiven  
  I am a female trapped in my mind I am that girl who is consistently unsure about herself
With everywhere she's goes 
             The Curtain Falls For You  
The pale ghost stares at the filthy mirror. He sees not himself; with that happy scowl and playful temperment. The pale ghost makes the suface clearer. He sees not himself, but his own warm disembodiment. 
Who A
I have a voice worth hearing but will it ever be heard? A song worth singing but will it ever be sung? Rejection is a feeling that can cripple the tallest building. I have strong opinons but I keep them to myself.
Mirror mirror on the wall
My mother stumbles and falls As my father grabs he bat. Her head bangs against the walls My mother stumbles and falls My father muffles her calls In her face he spits and spat
No one knows the real me. I am a nobody disguised as a somebody. Filling my life with sports and good grades. I feel lost, insecure, and sometimes depressed. Always trying to impress, full of stress,
Stress, sadness, fear,wory. I have a mask to cover   that up.  Boredom, anger, doubt, loneliness, confusion,    regret. I can hide it. There truly is no know emotion
To all the ears listening in this noisy world, This is me screaming.  And though my head is not in the pillow, Or my mouth yelling, THIS is me screaming.   Just as pencils scream across pages,
  Life is complicated, confusing, nurturing, pleasant.
Who lies there, unseen, in the darkness of day, While soaking in silence, saying all is "okay?" Who mumbles their words to the worms and the birds Since their own kind just bellows and screeches and brays?
I am not a piece of meat for you to devoure But I may tease you just to satisfy myself I am a woman I am not wearing tight clothing just to here the cat calling But I may smile to myself to now I am wanted
Of course I'm fine, why do you ask?
Poem   The vast, vast field A brush of air Wind that pinches my hair back A micro whisper that is the sound of wind against a window The screeching void in my ears as I dare to stare
“Lies are a thief in the night, cradle-snatchers that whimper in their blood-drenched chains, and the truth is but a thrice-broken bone, snapped again. Humility is a coward's cross deserved.
I love the way it wakes me. It helps me rise up and start my day. The way it refreshes my mind helps keep me open-minded. It is my first love.
A mask on a scarecrow An alibi for an ant on a hill A sleep for the slumbered A reality where nothing is real   Can a nobody mascaraed as a no-one? Can a rock mascaraed as a stone?
Did not see him till I looked back he watched with niether intrest or indifference by his left foot he kept  a small sack. I chocked at the sight of it for it was oddly reminiscent
                                                                   My face is frozen in place
When I was 6 years old, my hand would soar to the clouds, beaconing an answer to every question. My teacher’s praises would help me fly, while others took aim and with a BANG, shot me from the sky.
I wonder if there is anyone out there like me I hear a grou
Hey what's with the frown I was just crying in the shower Don't worry it's just something I do From time to time   Don't give me that look I'm not one to cower
Always the same
shame and guilt is all in my face
The world to us is all sublunary. We are all ever changing and imperfect. We hide behind that mask so no one sees us. Because we are all ever changing and imperfect. But I?
Paint my face with make up,  Make sure my hair is perfect, Buy the most in style clothes, Thirsty Thursday, Tailgate Friday, Turn Down for what Saturday, OH SHIT what did I do this weekend sunday,
We live in a world where the differences between a single generatio
There is a shadow over me. It keeps me from being myself, scared of judgement. I wear a mask that gives the illusion of normal, everything I am not. This shadow, this curtain hides my wants, hides my needs, hides me.
I dont like you talking to him I dont think thats a good choice for you.  i dont think you should dress like that i dont think you should talk to them What "you dont think" i should do 
Behind this mask i wear, behind my fake face, there lies my true image.  Broken beyond repair, shattered into million peices, a tortured soul
They think they know the real me, If only they could see...
I have a curtain in my life, One I cannot deny. If I pull this curtain back, My life I would defy. Behind this curtain lies a voice That desperately longs to be heard, But if I let this voice cry out,
I will not reach for the curtain.  It is safe behind the curtain. I know what is on the other side and I cannot face it alone.  Some have seen my feet peaking out from underneath the curtain. 
The streets are dark and enclosed like veins, my veins. Cities with cars zooming through, the clock in my heart strikes twelse and beats and loud thump. I wish my veins weren't jumbled like cities,
My name is Destiny   I was a believer in great things before you came inside my life
Way deep down, hidden from sight, Like stars in the day instead of the night, I keep concealed where no one can see, The inner, braver, courageous me.   Cowed by timidity, marked by blank fear,
Why can't anyone see the me that is truly me? All they see is a mask That does the un me task the one that shows no fear the one who is not really here I wish to show you the me that is really me
Look at me. See the smile on my face?  You'd never guess the effort it takes To pull my lips back;
In front of the world I’m not myself I’m always smiling but there is something else I walk around with the biggest grin
A bright smile I present to those before me That beautiful smile that often leaves the pain in my eyes unnoticed A giggle escapes my lips And little did my friends know that I am dying within.  
Doctor, doctor, Give me a pill, Fix my broken mind, Mark it with a seal, Doctor, doctor,  Present me a cure, Make me different than I was before, Jesus, Jesus, Send me a sign,
My days were dark, the hours slow Out of bed I could not roll. This dark, eery feeling crept into my heart, When will my happy days finally start? I pushed and I kicked and I screamed in my sleep,
Fourteen years Bright eyes, skin and bones, beating hearts And all I've got is a handful of broken pieces And there's the emotions Wrecking havoc on this soul of mine Tearing it apart piece by piece
My silence kept me alone. I remained invisible to everyone around me. My thoughts stayed closed off to the world. No one understood who I could be.   Slowly but surely I grew.
How am I to know? My life of which is made up of, Scenes just seen by those of whom Who do not know my daydreams   I am not known. By witnesses to every act, Knowing what I do and say
  Today, I savor the absence of fighting.
Stubborn and partially rude seemed to be what they are used to seeing , sometimes goofy, flirtatious, and crazy or even causing a scene. People are oblivious to what lies underneath,
Have you ever seen a Venetian Mask?    Have you beheld its beauty?   Have you studied its intricacy?   Look at its colors.    Look at its shape.
In my heart you will find, A thorn bush grown with time. Rose buds are here and there, But not one blooms anywhere. In my mind you will see, Scattered thoughts floating endlessly.
One time this classmate told me I had no personality. It wasn't my fault that I couldn't hold a conversation for more than two minutes without feeling jolts of anxiety run through my body.
When we were younger we looked at masks as beautiful ordornments, not realizing as we awed at the creative mind behind the maker that we too would wear a metaphorical mask when we grew up. 
I would love to show the real me But she is hidden behind a curtain I must not show her until she is deemed acceptable Unfortunately when she is acceptable she may be dead
but our hearts are on the brinkof killing us quickpoisoning our veinsand melting our brainswhere have we gonefaded into the shadows
Walking through the school hallway, judgement hall, eyes focused on the tile, one step after another, one breath after another, face blushing: a red mask of anxiety.  
They walk around Without a clue They are bound To remember you You hear the whispers You see the stares They already know you're scared But do they even really care You're tired of fighting
Words -- Looks -- Society -- Fear -- Pain -- Insecurities -- Peers -- Rejections -- There are infinite reasons of why we do not show our true selves.
MOSAIC   Time slows as the vase falls, almost as if floating like a feather. --She works hard, you know.
He drinks, drinks and drowns He hides yesterday's problems in a bottle While his son hides in his room
we are entitled, yet unentitled we have the freedom to dream,
Pull back the curtain, The elegant curtain, With pattern and pleating and frilled applique; Still the back of the curtain Is tattered, decrepit. Someone could help you if you'd let them in.  
Masks, smoke, and mirrors all illusions
Pill after pill after pill after pill why do i have to take these pills i take them everyday ADHD doesn't seem like a medical problem to i get to be me full of and energy and ready to go and i still have self control
The true me  Shelters in a wall of smoke, mirrors, and smiles
Some may call me Ash, and if they do, they know I am after this cash.  To further my education, and eventually improve this nation, in which I live, because my true desire is to give.
I am a mask,So many think they know who I am,but they don't care to ask,Yes, they are content with my maskWho am I? One of many made to pleaseWho is me?
Who am I? I care for others but do they care for me? Am I just an existing being like a boring tree? Who am I? I smile and encourage others like I'm not in pain. But who will save me? What do I have to gain?
I felt the
I'm as fake as my eyelashes. The current of cosmetics I hide behind isn't me.    In truth, I've always wanted to be pretty. I've spent money, time, tears, trying
Behind this face reveals another mistake From true beauty hidden by folds of uncertainty The smile once on my face, prevails to be inside in another place
There is nothing to see here. Please, avert your eyes All you’ll unveil are her secrets and lies. A porcelain mask that collects drops of fear. Walk away from the curtain. You do not belong here.
Crack the skin Of red wood, And listen-       rising curtains with    rising trumpets; the piano plays             Furiously with passion as drums strike so catchy.
Joy and calm is on the face while a torrent of misery should take its place. Calm to the world and all to see all because I must hid the real me with concerns and worries all in my mind
The girl behind the curtain projects a better face than the one hidden in another place.   The girl behind the curtain wants to be seen, but she doesn't have courage,
My alarm goes off too soon I hit the snooze button to put life on hold for a few more minutes I get out of bed, start the coffee, get dressed I already dread the day ahead
Reclusive, Hiding,  
Her Jupiter eyes, Hold so many wonders, With so many questions What is hidden inside?   She skips through the dark As nobody sees, She giggles with laughter As she burns quite a spark.
Hidden beneath me
 My Sisters are Pesky and hilarious You cannot have them  
Look at me for answers, Thats what they do, And I gladly provide Ask myself for answers, only to met with silence Calm and collected is what they all see,
If you were to meet me, you'd see a shy girl. Someone who sits in the back corner Someone who talks as little as possible Someone who keeps to herself
I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait... I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain. Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say. Because I am a king, ayee.
I dreamed a dream of a little girl in a yellow dress She was dancing with the white roses Her feet running gaily Her arms twirling as if she was a ballerina She turned to smile at me….
the curtai
In the gloom corner of a room a box resides. Free to all, although no one dare peak inside. A lone, beautiful, brown, leather outer casing, With a black lid that hides the inner makings.  
On the outside I am calm On the outside I am friendly On the outside I am kind Behind the curtain I am confident Behind the curtain I am skilled
Lina Lamont? Kathy Selden? Which one am I? I'm both and neither I am always both and neither.
The me I know Speaks up for my beloved Standing up for what’s in the wrong Showering my friends with love and joy And Not even hesitating to protect my prized.
I walk into my sanctuary, the Chorus room Everyone is talking and laughing But I just slip silently behind them As I awkwardly wait for the bell to ring I want to be one of them The people who talk and laugh
 Plants are like people, They all come in different colors Just like Whites, Asians or Hispanics Come in all shades, Like all the colors of people. Just because I am Hispanic,
I put on my mask every morning The mask with the smile and the bright eyes Sometimes I don't need my mask, yet Other times desparately   I don't want you to worry about me About how i am so sad
You're abnormal it is plain to see People can't help but to stare. Your cries for help go unheard, But I heard you, this I swear. I offer you shelter from unwanted eyes,
Who is she? That girl over there? "Nah," they say. "Don't worry about her. She ain't nothing." "She lame. She this. She that..." Oh, but if only they knew. If they knew the real me.
Forgive me my son, For I have led you astray. This is why I left you on that unforgetful day. I leave you my love and only ask you understand I will see you here in Heaven
Satisfaction is a result of success Yet satisfaction means more can be done, To be satisfied is to be inferior. To be content means you haven't won.
Ask someone sane the definition of sanity They will say normality, Ask someone insane the definition of insanity They to will say normality, Ask them repeatedly and you will get the same result.
Behind this smile, Beyond this appearance of satisfaction, Lies a broken dream; With hands of reform, And optimism, I will pierce the impenetrable seam. I have no foible,
They made me wear a mask when I was younger. Days went by and a new stitch was added to the mask. It was starting to fit my face perfectly. "Do this," they said. "Do that," they demanded.
Pay no attention to the girl behind the mask. There’s smoke in the mirror changing what I see.
Round 1: You ask your parents how they feel about gay people "trash" "freaks" "sinners"
I was never aware That I was not the only one Suffocating behind the contstraints Of a mask of my own making. That other people are in pain Just as I am. Trying to get along in life
I'm meant to think of Love, Smiles, and Clothes Why can't I think simply that? I think of Darkness, Chaos, and Sorrow Left with just my thoughts it's misery But that's never what the people see
Under the covers Trying to find security My little brothers Can be something beastly Fearful and shy is what I am And they exploit my cowardice Courage is trapped in a jar of jam
I’m talking to you, And I see the weight fall off your shoulders and onto your face
In his essay "Self-Reliance," Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Society is a joint-stock company, in which...The virtue in most request is conformity." Is this not the same society that taught me that everyone was unique?
Every time I go out Open my eyes and see I put on my mask Help, people are watching me. I’m tired of hiding
The face, the eyes, all full
Cloaked in black folds and topped with wild curly hair; she is the Red Lip Baby Glasses hanging off her nose and caramel skin glowing; she is the Red Lip Baby
Painstakingly different Is how I always feel. I try to fit in and I do with ease, At first.   My Scarlet Letter is invisible to those around me, But do not see the chains I carry.
The surface is shallow it doesn't reveal
 A girl wears an invisible cloak She feels hidden but she's still seen at most She knows that they know How weak she has shown She was strong, courageous, daring Though throughout the years she was breaking
My name is Ami. It’s a friendly smile, the sweet nectar that butterflies enjoy, the common two syllables with the Gujarati pronunciation
Follow me into the depths if you can withstand the shark, This world placed spite in my heart, I’m bothered by light, So I’m comfortable in the dark, Individualistic by character,
I'm hating the state of mind I seem to currently reside in I've been left defenseless if feels like the world has got me running and hiding Nothing seems right anymore with how this pressure is making me feel
How? We claim we're real niggas Sayin that we tote guns and our racks are gettin bigger Anyone who steppin, we wanna plug the trigger Yellin I want a bad bitch, better if she thicker.
The shadow
One can realize many things from all the worldly viewsPeople are like canvases, white and blank and newOwners of this art, realize there's much to do.
I run, I shoot, and I throw.  Am I  not a girl?
If real eyes can see me, why can't you?
Envy carressing my every move As soon as I get free there is always a different need to prove Sweating, stressing, and epileptic, from all this magnitude Sinister thoughts screaming from these demons that intrude
What's it to you
On the outside I am quiet When an opportunity for me to say something comes up I rarely take it I am afraid of being judged
look and realize how i'm just another guy but its going deeper then that, i skate spots or get fried all the damn but maybe it's just because i'm sad, fear all up in my head feelings usually descrete how can i manage this?
Seeds watered with the sweetest rain grow to be the prickliest pears.
I am a giant in this world  The genetic anomaly that everyone despises  Screwing up the gene pool  Making everything a mess  Not because I am mutated but simply because I am different
I have a secret.  You see, I've been playing a game of hide n' go seek And I am the champion. Where is my championship hiding spot? The closet. There I hide. I hide from Ugly words
Take my breath
We come from a conservative past To a high tech future moving way to fast The fate of these lands Are now forced into our hands   Will we bring distress to an end Will we have the efficiency to mend
Live Beautifully   Life is only what you do in the short time you have Life is the time you spend filling your lungs Life is the simple things that make it Life is the things you cannot fake
My feelings are those that a degree man has yet to discover: Uncover, write a report, and burn it with a torch because I choose to feel what they write down as unreal, as they conceal in their journal notes with question marks.
how do you rid yourself of something that is inside of you, a part of you?  
I don't wear dresses or high heeled shoes I'm known for my messes necklaces and rings, I'd most likely lose
All that was taken All that was lost Puts me here, on this cross   With this cross come sympathy  Sympathy I'd rather not bare So I just remain here In this chair  
Loud talks, hard stares, judging eyes; there's no where to turn.
Living in a society so cold and heartless, It's hard to be bold and dauntless Without the words of other individuals Flowing out of their mouths As they criticize and penalize you.
I pull shut the curtain of the poorly-lit dressing roomI shimmy out of my jeans to try on a dress for an event I don't want to go toI look down at my thighs and see my battle wounds
It is easy
The one that hides is the one free of judgement,
Even this starts my heart racing My blood pulsing faster than from the ink to this page Hidden thoughts behind your Mona Lisa expressions are a treasure I covet Do your friends realize the values of these thoughts?
I am a girl of laughs and smiles No one can grasp how I remain so positive when I have problems that drag out for miles I present myself very well and stand so tall Almost as if nothing can push me down or make me fall
On a breezy ye
the reason I will never donat
I have something that wants to get out Beating on my chest so hard I want to shout Feelings! I keep way down Crazy things, I hate the way they sound Bad thoughts to people or things
Emotion, what a rarely shown thing; That keeps some back and pushes some forward. proud some sing, while some voices are blurred. Do you hide like they do? The courage that seems to hold true.
Black eyes, black hair, white face I see myself but does anyone see me? Too afraid to show but slowly the mirror is cracking What am i ashamed from? The faces around me or my own
There lay a story of a lonely sailor Taming the tumultuos sea Taming the vivid monstrosity;
If you want to live, Live! feel the breeze caress your face as you walk on the stars
You laugh at me, So I tend to flee. I hide behind this mask, I’m just trying to finish this task.   You call me names, To you it’s just games. You fill me full of pain,
Deeper, my lovely light. Petals wilt. This faceted rouge jewel  is delectable.
So you want to know the real me? The part I've never let anyone see? A girl resides inside my head, living but close to being dead. I keep her hidden, but she's not safe.
The forge is hot, and the fire is red   My arms are screaming, feeling dead.   The iron glows like a burning brand   And the anvil sings beneath my hand.   I stop and think about my task
I've always thought that thinking outside the box was a good thing.
When I look in the mirror, I dont see what you see. To me it feels like the whole world is targeting me! Despite all the pain and hardships I seen, It has changed what I have inside of me.
Those thoughts in your head, Came from people who dont understand They came at you with comments, That had you sad for a moments Then you thought and questioned "Am i really this much of a disappointment?"
Who notices the kid With the glasses and the braces? Walking through the crowded halls Getting lost in all the faces.  
Curtain of Hair Anna R Lopez    As a young girl I never truly believed I had beautiful hair, never believed I was beautiful at all.
Wearing a mask Hinding a face Doing mundane task staring into space
As we grow older we realize there's always a name to a face We no longer look behind the eyes or into the soul to find a personality or trait. But rather judge by age, color, and race.
fragile like a recordwe all break too easilywhy can't I be tough or thick-skinnedwhy can't I shed these stupid cracks in my limbs? I can't even play a song anymorewithout stopping, skippingstuck
Astounding, how we can all wear the same mask and not realize it. The fake smile, the convincing laugh, the mastered skill of appearing happy. The act people keep up when they wish to keep their inner battles a secret from the world.
Secretly I give so much yet Most won't or will notice Because they see a quiet,
Day in and day out we search for answers, for solutions to problems no ones asked us to solve, for reasons behind already proven facts like "Why does the sun leave us every day?"
I hide behind a veil of darkness Afraid to show who I am
During school, she smiles,She laughs along her fri
Complexion Tones and shades that make up me But why?  That’s what I ask my self, Shielded by the hatred of Hera I am blind To me, Why can’t I see what they see?
                                                             OLD SHOES                                                                    by                                                               Erasmo  
Theres no poetic way to say i'm not okay. "How do you stay so happy?" "How are you always so positive" They have no clue that i'm anything but I sit here on the edge of my bed and it occurs to me
When you look my way, you don’t see the inner struggle. The fighting battle that causes so much trouble. When you see me you see an ordinary person, But really deep inside its all one big diversion.
Don't hide who you are. What's the worst that could happen? In life you'll go far,  If you treat yourself like a captain.
I wear a mask, I wear a mask that says there is no monster underneath I wear a mask that says there is no knife in the sheath  I wear a mask ,
As a kid you were the one that got teased because you had a double everything. Like double chin, double stomach rolls. You starved yourself in front of people so they couldn't crack jokes..
All alone in a dark room Glazing, yet staring It's just me, myself and I Trying everything in my right mind not to cry I promise myself I would get through It's just hard to smile through a terrible mood
You've never met anyone as brilliant as me.
Come, I beseech thee, please take stroll with me
To look at me, you wouldn't see
Eyes shut tight, crying and screaming We are given a mask titled baby Mouth mide open, laughing with friends We are given a mask titled popular
Do you know what it’s like to fight to keep your tears from falling?
We aren't born with insecurity,  But over time we lose our pride and with it our perfect purity when told we've something to hide. We take a being so unique And demand from it conformity,
i'm really so simple! so innocent and plain, my minds races wonders i am without stains   and this makes me so mad because it is me, and yet this girl has yet to be free  
All alone in this crowded room.My eyes meet one…another.They do not see me for what I am.They see the smile on my face;
Feeling upbeat like the rhythm of pop
Someday they will see the real me, Instead of who they think they see I try to blend in, not make any scenes I'm quiet and thoughful Nobody seems to take time anymore to really listen It's about them
Who am I, who is this person that I've become? I find myself crying in a corner, wishing that it could all be undone. Constanly judged by wandering eyes, who am I? Only I have the power to decide.
Sometimes I am the clown Making people laugh with quirks, with jokes, with funny faces Sarcastic quips flow from me like rain falls from angry thunderclouds Other times, I am the mouse Hiding
My mask is pretty it's flashy and loud and bright a boisterous laugh and exaggerated hand gestures an obnoxious voice and a too wide smile   My mask is strong its varnish my fear of rejection
 With friends it’s all fun and games By myself its nothing but pain Scared to take a chance On the outside I’m bold
Self-assured confident and competent with straight A's.   Drowning in papers and teenage angst self-concious broken secret people pleaser hopeless pessimist  
Blood of velvet Falling from the sky     D                                  R
A Kaleidoscope Image With every turn, Your image swirls for bypassers ... Just a sad face on the corner, your neighbor has seen you.
  And all for verse, I wrote it.   To preach for our Humble experiences.   We have miles, and the seas behind us,   From the farthest Splashes, we Have Carved out harmony
It’s so much easier to be a part than a whole, A piece of a puzzle that’s already solved. But one piece can’t be a picture Can’t be understood Without the others.   What if you were a painting-
Life can be tough and people acknowledge that But they don't realize how much I hide Behind my curtain of lies They see my shining smile and happy step But all I feel is depressed and lonely
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain. She's just a body. Just a cabinet, shoddy. Look away, look back, look at the more certain.
A serene statue lost in the crowd Scarred wrists and stolen innocence Playing war and failing at failing in the constant game of survival A coffee too bitter to sweeten with milk and sugar  
While it’s something I’ll often deny,
I stand here petrified, awaiting for the storm of judgment I want my voice to be heard, I want my voice to reach the far seas
everything is different
Sit down Good girl Close your eyes when you pray Always look happy, even if you aren't Look at her She never makes a mistake Always does what she's told Always listens Always holy
Each and everyday, I pretend and hide away, Though many do not see, That is not truly me.   I wish that I could show, There's so much that they don't know, But my past is still not known,
The maskMade of angels and demonsShows the good and hides the bad The maskDisguises what is insideConcealing hardship and hurt The maskShows a light on the outsideAnd struggles to find inside
Peek Around
My mind's boggled up inside sometimes I don't think straight, I don't know
Where am I going? Where have I gone? I look at myself knowing That the me I portray is a con.
    Pretty little girl
I wish I could tell you,
          I amI am the kid who grow up in the lower class only plastic cups no crystal glass.I am from a family of five it should of been  six but I lost a little brother and can't offered to lose another.
New places, new faces Same me. Same girl. The only difference is the new faces She sees look back at her With disdain. Disdain at the music she listened to The clothes she wore
This fabric, cloaks me in darkness…. The cage within my inner mind fights amongst my own thoughts A whirl wind of confusion. I wonder… Did Confucius mean to be confusing in his proverbs?
My blithe smile shelters my rage
Close my eyes Runaway and hide Don’t let them inside They’ll just hurt you, not really there for you All they do is lie   All that have tried That had sat with me while I cried
Pretending is something that comes second nature to me Everyday Im putting on a million of masks that no one can see, and that behind is a damaged child full of pain and agony who wishes to be free.
Laugh. Smile. Agree. Don’t fight.   You’re getting too close.   Slam the door. Pull the blinds. Cut the ties. Leave them behind.   You’re getting too close.
I hide unsatisfied behind, this shield of mine scared of the world, hoping one day to be that kid that finally comes from the her shadows, im just a girl running away from her fears, hoping that these fears won't turn into tears.
Something that makes me smile,  I'm not really sure, Maybe it's season aisle, Maybe it's immature   I enjoy the sunshine, When peeking through the trees The needles of the pine,
We are the storied questers, Introducing ourselves with tattered names and all the jokes we know. We build our suspecting images of each other,
        That person you just saw smile so genuinely, Laugh so loud. That was me who you get to see. The other me? Well she’s too quiet,
Lo and behold, friends, my life dressed in gold,For nothing else does my glory justice:Here rooms of color, each so grandly bold,And marvelous! You'd swear't an angel's kiss.
Under my sleeves there are scars you see they were created so deep that they will never leave  constantly reminding me of how much I caused my family to grieve    under this smile you'll soon come to know
The only me I enjoy is the me I like to hide. The me not everyone sees is persistently making terrible puns, she makes bizarre faces and calls it fun.
It screeched in my ears, Echoing across the earth. The everlasting sky bent to hear, the Presents of Death and Birth.   My mother's hands comforting, My father's coarse yet warm.
I'm an extroverted introvert Please don't get it confused You may think I'm very social I'm foolproof in my ruse   I've been compared to a turtle I retreat at the first sign of danger
People call me a perfectionist. And I would agree with them. I would at least, if they asked me. Perfection.  It is expected, so I will deliver.
People starin', t
Peering at the luminous cheval glass stands a w
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain Unconfident and lonely she's nothing but a burden Instead look at me in my Instagram feed Selfies, vacations, and the funniest memes  
I put on a show Make people laugh I am a clown I hide my face
You say that I am
I've bought the clothes, I've styled my hair, But it's not fair, no it's not fair!   I've put on all this make-up, to not look like a freak; And to keep up my physique, I haven't eaten in a week.  
What is a delusion but a demented dream What is a distraction but the illusion your mind is truly diverted What is divorce but a family perverted
The cape of a superhero, prevented from billowing beneath tight clothes. A gilded heart tarnished.   A polar bear with fur white as snow, tainted with the blood of a meal
I used to hide behind the mask of violence and anger, Lost in a world of pain, I realized I hade to change, Now a lover, friend, and sister I am renewed.
On the outside I reveal my sweet smile, But lately I haven't been showing my face around I keep to myself avoiding you for awhile I'm sorry when you see me that my sweet smile is bound Don't cry don't weep
Who I am? That is not the question, but Who are you? We are not different. Open your eyes, you are me. We are the same. Same person, same air.
The Endless Improv   Now you see me Now you don't
Who is the girl behind the curtain? I don’t even know her name? All I have thought of her for years now is profane. Where is the girl behind the curtain? Why does she run and hide?
The wind stirred  And billowed about My heart beat  As steady as the drums   I was ready.   Spreading my arms I looked at the crashing sea below
And all I want to know is Are you okay Or do you merely say you are  To avoid weird glances And long awkwards talks about feelings That do absolutely nothing 
Their perfect little daughterMaking perfect gradesIn every clubTop of her classPeople stare and say:"She's just an overachiever.""What a teacher's pet.""Does she not have a life?"  
Always shifting
Sipping on my drink, dark bitter brew and drunken irish tunes add to distractions that aren't what they're me
I am content in who I am,
The essence of Afro Normality Afro-puffs and Kool-Aid sittin' on The front pouch Neither rich nor poor
When I am myself I get to be the true me I don't have to hide my feelings I can let my joyous smiles and bubbling laughter go I get to be the proud senior who graduates
Hiding? No. None of that here.
1.) If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth 
Is it bad for a girl like me to cry ?
No one sees the real me, under the smile and all the laughter, and the friendly conversation, there's a cloak of sadness covering me, depression stalking my every move, never letting me go,
The smiles all fade behind closed doors and then silence is all that waits.
I am me, a diabolical scheme. I am a smile with pink lips, I am that woman that they say, "Excuse me, Miss?" A pretty face, but behind the painting that I reveal is a story.
Don't look at Me. Look at He-
Can I take this mask off now? It smells like mold, like a forgotten fish tank Probably from all of the long trapped tears   Can I take this mask off now? I cannot see through the eye slits
See the girl with a pencil? She seems bright  Intelligent maybe But she hides behind a curtain
Leave all doors opens, I don't know if I'll return. I'm stuck between trying to he Myself, The perfect daughter,  A flawless, better version of my sister,
masquerade. a masquerade of sorts, and i shall hide behind the velvet curtain. streaming down to cover my light, blushed face. vexation of no sorts, i too begin to believe
I haven't had lessons since the age of three but me?   I'm a dancer   Those rhythms in my soul are always pounding Pulsating, shaking, crying, hoping, longing For a dance floor  
The way people see Is not the real me I present sweetly But I fear they're all wrong I'm a demon who lies By the way of my disguise Most everyone overlooks A pleasant outside
Love is a four letter word with a lot of deep meaning. You search and search for the one, and once you found it, you want them to stay. It all starts out with happiness and joy
My mind tells me to follow my heart but my heart has been broken so much it tells me to use my brain instead. 
Why am i so fucked up in the head sitting here wishing that i was dead. Crying inside this shell called a body wishing this disorder on nobody. Why do i feel so empty inside,
Girl! Let me tell you Life’s a game With missing pieces to the puzzle Eventually you find them All broken up
I'm not here. This hollow shell that walks around is not the person you think.  I play the part you want to me to play.  You can't see me.    My true self is kept hidden away.
This mask I wear... is one with me I am fury, passion and chaos. Hiding behind this curtain, hiding these silent tears trailing down.   Show me your true self, staring down into those still depths
I am not who you think I am Sam I am, Act as though you have it all together “they say” Be Together and Do Your Best “teacher says” You can be anything “they say” Live to you full potential “sister says”
I hide behind it and look outhow are you? It nods, acqueses and smiles withoutwho am I? I see the inside and feel the paindon't show it! On the surface there's no complaintwhat is it?
facade, mask, cloak, camouflage, veil it doesent matter what you call it we all have one what matters is how deep you are inside that blanket of mystery   the me you see isn’t the me at all
The facade of the lionWith the sheep spirit.Proud and powerful with the weakness screaming out to hear it.Independent, I don't need anybody.No one to ever know that the curtain is shoddy.
Like a light bulb I sit wondering. When will I shine? When will you see this light that's been trapped inside? There's a song that I sing, a melodic step. A ryhthmic groove, a feeling I get.
I'm sorry for saying thing the words we were bo
I'm sorry for saying thing the words we were bo
I Want To Be... What?   Who I am is not what you see   Who I am is not what most people want me to be   I glorify God  
I envy those that shine in the light, Those who aren't afraid to fight for who they are. For every time I think it's time, For every time I say that this moment, this one is surely mine,
Preference is irrelevent Superiors care none for what you choose Superficial injury like a bruise   But the pain goes deeper Hold in your feelings Your preference would send them reeling  
I run from the light that reveals me Into the shadows that consume me The shadow of guilt I hold it within myself Sacrificing my soul to its desire I hide my face Yet I can never fool myself
Being 15 is a prick going through changes that make you sick wishing to go back to the good old days   Once a baby young and helpless crawling around causing a ruckus
Perfection is an illusion It is the invisible lock that keeps us from unleashing maximum potential There is no curtain I am my only roadblock The things people judge me for are the things that make me so beautiful
Before I speak, they believe in the simple and common that lies within me, After I speak, they flee and judge from afar. Time after time, many don't understand,
Stand tall, straighten your toes Student, Your strides should be steady steps Forward               School is a necessary distraction Present your projects, prioritize,
There once was a bobble-head, it says yes to everything said either boy or girl from out of this world the bobble-head always said yes.   His name was skinny Rem Tim,
Hello, is anyone there? Anybody at all? Ive cried too much. This demon, it has me locked, locked deep inside. It has me lynched and lifeless. It drained all of my life,
i never thougth i'd be this depressed, wondering when the lights gonna fade. I never thought the pain would get worse, scaring, and lining my arms from blades. I never thought hurting could feel so good
Im fine, but i need help. I just tired, dont leave me alone. Stop questioning me, just ask me whats wrong. Go away, i dont want you to leave. Im done, somehow,
Confusion fills my head torn between mixed emotions it breaks me apart piece by piece my heart falls into an abyss called pain The days pass and i feel more and more empty i cant help
They scream, they shout, the cry my name. they wait, and sit, and stare at me. The urges the feelings the fears come back all feelings from one
What will happen when love turns to hate passions turns to fear and life turns to death What will happen when agony, sorrow, and pain controll all your emotions,  when the ones that
We all make mistakes i live in a life full of them. All of the mistakes i've made make me a giant mistake. Every day new mistakes I wish i could go back and right the wrongs
The day that he left us he left for so long He avoided my eyes and said, “Baby, be strong.” My small and frail body in a heap by the door I knew after that day I’d see Daddy no more.
Broken hearted rip it out do it slow dont make me shout   Make me bleed and drip me dry wipe my tears as i cry   take the knife drive it in make me feel
Each day, i wonder what my life would be like if i hadn't made the first cut if my emotions hadn't overpowered me if i wasn't so desperate to let it out   It started with one and then another
She's loud. I want to be accepted.   She smokes a lot of weed.
In my family, its not about your dreams  Its about what they want you to do    They want me to be a lawyer or a doctor  Without having a clue of what I want    I hide my notebooks under my homework 
Running out in the Sun Sounds like Fun Laughter fills the air From the distance I glare. Long pain of despair. My mask can no longer spare The amount of sadness I can't stand
if there ever is a day when im gone  when the wind sweeps me away with the pale dust and dingy acidic rain if there ever comes a day when my mouth is sewn shut for good and
Welcome to a world of fun A carnival of toys and guns Nobody wins, we’re quivering The only prize is you can’t leave…   All these clowns are made of masks— You become what you paint on your faces
Stress, over-thinking, and peer preasure is what making me be who I am not  
On the outside I'm Logical calm and Ready to battle Saddled up For anything That life brings But on the inside I'm Struggling Juggling Everything at once Painful dance
Across the ocean I've cried. I've heard my name called by the night. Even as I've hid my eyes The waves seem to know my plight They'd gladly rock me to sleep. They'd gladly watch me sink.
I'm an odd one,If there's anhng I have leared these past 1 yearsIt's that.   I realized recentlyThoughSomething peculiar, if you will
This is the land of make-believe,
i hide behind a mask So I could hide my tear Soo that peole can't see my emotions I make sure that no one can jude me My sexuality is what hide the most from everyone
Blackness, blackness, blackness- would you imagine my mind is just as black As my shoes and my clothes and my eyes and my hopelessly dark arm hairs.
I am like the ocean The further and deeper you go The more unique and beautiful features you find Deep in the ocean there are colorful reefs where colorful fish swim
Me That is all I will ever be. I scream, I shout, I cry No one even sees me try. My hair falls over my face. Life is such a disgrace I hate the darkness in which I live
In the morning, I don't have time to go slow Because I have to be at the church At 5:50 am To make God happy.
In this mask I am silly, goofy, and i act just like my shoe size. I am really childish, and don't listen to anyone. My actions describe who and why I am me. My skin color is silk brown and I am hilarious to my friends.
The face you see is not the face you recieve But it seems, oh woe, no one doth care. Ones heart would be a sticky sieve,  Yet others are unaware. The curtain drapes heavy over our masked production, 
They sink with anger in the depths of Tartarus, But no one sees them cry. They crawl and snarl and shout with madness, But no one really knows why. They climb a mountain without any legs,
Sometimes I don’t know the difference Between what I say and what I feel. I just Smile Smile Smile Smile And nod. I’m lost in a crowd of people who hear me But they don’t.
Curtains have a vaery unique place in our world Their soul purpose is to block something To block something in particular out for everyone else to see
On the stage stands A loud, confident young woman She always answers questions in class Her voice clear and unwavering She is comfortable in her skin On the stage stands A just, moral young woman
He wears a mask that often lies. It sheilds his face from the tears he cries. Inside his heart is breaking in two. And people walk by, they haven't a clue. But one thing that he has yet to know?
The way people see me, is totally different 
'Come out and play' that chiding voice inside my head calls out to me as I hide in the corner reclusive The scars inside are too deep for even me to see And they never break the surface
      The dou
She carries a black backpack with her embroidered monogram on the front. Inside is the work that it will take to get her where she wants to be.
                                                  Always hiding from the truth
Every angel has a demon, Just as every light Creates a shadow, And it gets more arduous To separate the two each day.   As the sun rises, my Angel rises. She likes to please others.
There we are Like any other day
When I was four I loved my brother and he broke his arm he screamed and fell and I didn't know what to do so I gave him marshmallows When I was seven I loved a doll and I cut its hair
  A girl with hope.
When someone yawns I think to myself, Are they really tired Or are they silently screaming?
Those flaws uncovered, hidden by the masks we wear on a day to day basis. Those flaws uncovered that goes unheard and is plainly written on our faces. Dear Lord help me remove this mask that reaveals the true me.
Every day I wake up, and I do my routine: I put on my mask, and I build up my wall: I am confident. I am perfect. I’m brave. Nothing can hurt me; I will not be afraid. I am happy. I am pretty. I’m strong.
People see me and assume they know everything about me based off of the little information they know.
it was a great day today
If I let you in my head, Make sure to bring a lantern, Some holy water and a bible, If you have it handy   Don't open the doors; You won't like what you find There are monsters hiding there,
Pay No mind To the flesh behind porcelain For it is weak and breakable. Pay no mind To the tears behind the glass For they are as old as the moons themselves.
I am like a box of chocolates Many pieces and flavors If you don't know what a piece is, ask someone And you will find out. There are many interests that I have,  but to find out  You just have to ask
What lies behind my smile? Behind my glinting eyes...? You know that's a question I could answer for you, but not to cliche you to death, to tell you would be to kill you. I know, I know
Cue the lights, draw the curtains. I am the star of the show, smiling big and bright for everyone to see,  making people laugh, always seeing the better side of me,  never too serious about learning or grades.
Everything I want to say,          but, no- I'll hold back. Everything you need to know,          but, no- I'll hold back. Trapped by my inablitiy to form words,          so, yes- I'll hold back.
My mask never comes off
Why do i always wake up sad?  Is it acceptable to be mad?   My head hurts. But then again, what doesn't hurt.   I feel every emotion a person can feel. Sometimes, nothing seems real.
My smile hides my inner me The one I wait for people to see Someday I fear they'll recognize The turmoil deep in my eyes What to do and what to say I feel life fading day by day  
Behind my wall there's a confident woman waiting to show herself.The world judges this type of person.She's never understood why.
I'm still the lost little girl i was before
You can't see me When I'm with them Because I blend in.    You won't see me Stand out Because I'm a master of disguise.   It's so cool To see spies In movies.  
I have no armor against the fork-tongued and heart-piercing. I’m not covered in a blanket of deceit best suited for comfort. My face is not painted a pretty picture for the ease of outsiders.
Waiting, quietly behind this sheet,
Noise  The commotion I need to Stand out, be bold But what is inside me Needs to be told I am me Not them Myself Without it
Pay no attention to the cracks in the facade
*/ /*-->*/ The Difference of Me
If you knew the real me, what would I be to you? The gum on your shoe? A random leaf on the Earth's floor? Or would I be
I told myself that I was a mistake. All my life I was told that there is greatness inside of me. But all I can see inside of me are flaws.
There is a man in need of change and food and clothes and shelter He asked me could he pump my gas for 2 petty silver quarters I look around and see them watching me interact with him
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain Says the voice of the little man caught in his own lie He asks you to ignore his physical form and instead focus on the facade
There is a mysterious man behind my curtain. Who is not always sure or certain. He is shy and quiet, yet sometimes outspoken.
My body awakens with a refreshing shrug, I plant my feet onto the cushioned rug,
This bag on my head was put there a long, long, time ago. and it was put there so no one would see what was wrong. my father had lost his job my grandfather was in the hospital a lot.
They call him Peter Pansexual When it came to love he didn't discriminate Not many know but this is not that unusual Not many can really appreciate But those more criminal Seek to eliminate
Masquerade balls in school lunch lines:  I'm fine, why do you ask?   Pretend is all I can do. Pretend like I don't feel torn apart.  Pretend like I even know who I am.  
Leading a double life ain't no walk in the park, For the division really isn't clear. The line that we tread, it's so unclearly marked So far yet it's oh so near  
I don't lift the veil for good reason Its a floodgate And there's a lot of water
Outside I am smiling and having a ball
They see me for who they think I am.
Hiding Living, breathing But not truly alive Behind a curtain 
Before you laugh in my face and tell me that it was my fault, Know that I, am well aware I fell for you and i thought I knew what I was doing I thought I could play the game as well as the game master himself
You say i am nice But I have a dark side My heart has been sliced By your hurtful lies I hide behind this curtain  For i am uncertain Even though I look unbroken  The real me is broken
Black shadow ,pale skin Sorrow and sadness Sadness and sorrow A tear rolls down, a wet cheek
Make believe is comforting, Loving the sense of security traps you, False pretense of the being you thought to be you, Ugliness and jealousy clouds me, The real me sees the opportunity as deal,
The purest color of all others The most revealing if stained Yet this color hides my mind from lurking emotions Invincible sadness that would otherwise consume my entire being  
Curtains cover your eyes, You refuse to pull them back. I am no longer your little girl,
If you look at me, You see happiness You see a smile You hear a laugh every few minutes. When you look at me, You don't see The pain The depression The tears I want to shed
The deep dark secrets, thoughts. That harbor in the pit of my, Soul. Damned into an upside down abyss,  and at the very bottom, I lie.  
I am myself.  But, even so, my filter remains Stops me from saying "I hate you" To the man who hurt my best friend. Stops me from saying "Go ahead" When my friend threatens to kill himself. 
Do you know the anguish of my soul? Do you hear my heart cry in the midnight hour? Take a razor to my scalp, Remove the bone, And pick through the crevices.
Often i find myself staring at the stars, and glazing upon the moonKnowing that theres more upon the world than we could ever knowCan it be the glazing stars that gives me hope to dream
I hide behind no curtain, for it has been ripped from its batten. Red velvet lays athwart the stage, The outskirts are populous with my peers. My soul lays bare and there is no turning back. Here I am,
No one asks No one tells How can we live like this? Behind the web of lies, Behind a plastic smile, Behind the iron curtain, Its still happening.
My heart was one of darkness, pain all consuming. Scars standing out, as if to mock me. I was delivered a blow I had been waiting for, one that was going to shatter me.
Everyday a gift is given, the chance to start anew. So why do we hide? We can alter our appearance in any way we see fit.
I tend to be a closed book. I don't like to show others my feelings. If i do I know they will have power over me. I'm afraid of rejection. I know I shouldn't be but I am.
Hiding behind the curtain,
The sins of the mother are what worry me A cult is what she leads Psychologically defective I scream my invective But what worries me are the seeds Such things grow in genetics Such freak heretics
My name. It scares me, and it forces me to hide. I'm afraid of what people will say and what they'll think. Consumed by my worries, soaked in tears that I've cried.
Imagine how waters flow Like ink forever on a page The way the words melt into place Somehow they just know their way And I just writ ethe message down With every breath they whisper how
On Halloween the souls come out To run and jump and live without Remonder that they do not live And happiness no longer gives The way it always had before They walked through the open door
"Ok, she admitted Mommy you were right.Something unrealized until there was absence of light.Every word her mother said kept running through her head.
The real Yessenia is ALWAYS on show for any and everyone. I've heard I'm blunt. I'm rude. That I'm mean. But that's just me... The one person who will tell you straight up what the fuck is wrong with you..
I'm familiar with the pain that comes from smiling for too long; The repetitive aches have made my facial muscles strong. I'm familiar with the pain that comes from crying for so long;
Who am I?Peel back the layers,Scream it to the masses; That I am unclean and undecided. Who am I?Scrub away the sludge atop my skin,
You found me, Hanging there, The note that I left, is in your hands, And as you read, You start to remember all the signs, And you start to realize that, I could have been saved,
In the city of Toledo, Oh the art museum acquired a sculpture of two people facing each other hollowly hugging their knees comprised of letter and characters. I imagine myself as something like that.
She rules with an iron fist, but such grace and bliss Yet among the shadows she remains For her subjecs yet do not know That their fair lady is among their mass With beauty and kindness that will never pass
Had to close my room door because my thoughts were too loud, Or maybe …….because I’m too proud. Sometimes I refuse help from the ones I love the most sometimes I push close friends to the point where they aren’t so c l o s e.
I was the girl who was closed off I was the loner I was the loser But then I came out of my shell I got a boyfriend. I got a best friend. I found myself  Finally. And now, to keep myself
They say, "don't judge a boo
When you peer through the halls and watch me pass by, You think you know exactly what goes through my mind.  When you smile at me, I may grin back,  But you don't see what lies behind my mask.  
I see dead people.  Population: 1.  But there's more on the inside  More voices in that mind Climbing for the principal's chair, it turns the others mute and says  "Listen girl"  And says 
She’s in the fruit of her youth
During act one, what do you learn? Is it the setting and maybe the time period? What about the characters? What do you learn about them? Names, ages, traits, and characteristics?
You stand in front of the mirror, wondering where everything went wrong. You used to be so put together, so strong, so outgoing. Now, you're just a shell of that person.
It's 6:48 p.m., and I am everything.
I can fly
  I am like the moon. Most of the time people Only see ¼ of me. In pure darkness, When people hide inside their houses, They stare at me as a way to distract their faults.
“It’s okay, I’m tough”        I’m stronger than they know “It’s okay, I’m tough” I say, And yet I’m so alone… I stretch a slender smile wide across my o’erdrawn face
You can call me Oz. I rightly fit the name. I hide behind a curtain cause my heart is filled with shame. I'll tell you my little secret, but only if you won't tell. I have the world hypnotized by my little spell. 
I just don't fucking give a shit anymore.
Many people seem to forget 
Ripped but not running
You will see a un-lit room. Inside that room you can see someone. That person is trying to find the light switch. The person thinks they have found it.   Motivation starts to rise within this person.
My closet is full of curtains
Your words are like a knife a dagger a double edged sword cutting through Each time the wound gets deeper and deeper So bad you can't take it anymore and wanna give up, don't.
I dedicate this to you To all those who have suffered endlessly hopeless Fighting to live another day just like today too Rock paper scissors, oops you're out Get out, out of my life I don't need you.
I stand on the cliffs rough edge, A pack of wolves gathering behind me, And so I have a choice, Just one simple choice: Stay or jump, Jump or stay? If I stay, I'm eaten alive
who am I? I've never known, no one has ever known. maybe I'll never know. how do I identify myself? I identify myself with the music I listen to, the clothes I wear, the people I hang out with-
My astronomic family and I get around
The visible me is protection. But not my protection. Yours. It is better to see me as I am; good student, good grades, good manners, good. The visible me is protection.
*try reading with and without the bracketed lines  
POOF! Now I am confident! SNAP! Now I am beautiful! BOOM! Now I am talented!   Here I stand, So hear my demands! My confidence has surly convinced you!
I cover the built up emotion
Every morning  I look in the mirror  At who I am I'm sure to cover every bit  Until I'm unrecognizable  Wouldn't want anyone to know My curls  My skin 
She was locked in her cage
I could stay up all night with my knees to my chin And whisper about the conundrum I'm in.
This is one who creates, who tries to thrive, especially because she was dropped into the fierce tidewaves and learned to dive.
     There is a difference between me and all of my friends that is very easy to spot. See, all my bros and bras have brothers and sisters, and yet I do not.
To "thy" that lies beneath the glow consumed in fragrance of black salt. Punctured and chained with a tightened bow can me saying "thou" bring back a passionate soul?  
I, Myself, Who is guinuine to the highest degree is not always as confident as everybody sees.  
I lived a lifeless life, I mean growing up fatherless, my daddy was super stressed, call
Who am I really? It's not hard to say, I'm the happy-go-lucky girl you see everyday.  I'm the girl who is always laughing.  I'm the girl who's always tough,
Verse -
Chorus -
One day we'll live together, he promised. One day we'll see each other every day, he promised. One day we'll kiss each other every night, he promised. Until that one day never came. 
It was the boys in my eighth grade class The boys in my eighth class I couldn't seem to get past the way they laughed at me.  The way they laughed you knew that they were laughing at you 
I am afraid. I am afraid of everything. I'm not afraid of spiders, snakes, or tigers.
  Controlled, calm a very steady mind. Fooled under pressure hidden over time. Hunted by shadows, a very cunning kind. Am I greater or am I leaser, these thoughts drown my soul.
Sometimes you meet a girl And you try to imagine what she's truly like. You don't know. I think that it's harder to meet the real, "Someone" because people are so guarded today.
  You are my 2 a.m thoughts No one can replace you in my mind You were my lover A person so mesmerizing is hard to find  
Trying to survive As I stay alive Holding back these tears when I want to cry As I endure this pain I feel inside Tell me what do you see when you look at me I'll tell ya
No one knows the real me. On the outisde, I smile, I grin, and I greet everyone  Everyone that has seemed to put me down I hide behind a smile... I smile as if there was not a single problem in my life.
Mac studio fix foundation, with a thin line of black liner Can't forget about the concealer under the eye Let's not show those bags From math problem stress How about the perfectly contoured nose/check bones?
Hidden My faults buried beneath fabrications Below forged falsehoods I tell even to my own brain I don’t vision myself denier: my vain dishonesty’s not verbal
I was never that girlI'll never be that girlI broke heartsnot the other way aroundI slid in and out of these poor boys lives like the devil in disguise
Ode To Pizza Fresh out of the oven, put in a box
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