Cloaked Within The Mind


United States
United States

This fabric, cloaks me in darkness….

The cage within my inner mind fights amongst my own thoughts

A whirl wind of confusion.

I wonder…

Did Confucius mean to be confusing in his proverbs?

Did Dr. Seuss first writings include grammatical errors that rhymed accidentally?

Was God’s first plan for man to allow them to sin?

This Clown smile, plastered upon my face to keep questions away.

As I rays of  pride, Parade in the line of life hoping to never stray,

Keep my world gray and simple.

Dial the hopes and aspirations, for...


Don’t pick up! Don’t pick up!


What will they say, just stay low draw no attention no spotlights!

I mean your living cause your hearts beating and your lungs are inhaling and releasing….Right?

These Rainbows are just bursting inside of you! Let It Free!

…but momma says that God never made people like me it’s an unnatural thing

“It’s just a Phase” “You don’t know what you are” "Your just emotionally disturbed"



I just want to be from inner mind to soul to actual being. ME!

(Operator voice) I’m Sorry but the life line you are trying to reach

 Is not available at this time, please hold


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