Insight From An Older Sibling


I hide behind no curtain,

for it has been ripped from its batten.

Red velvet lays athwart the stage,

The outskirts are populous with my peers.

My soul lays bare and there is no turning back.

Here I am,

For the world to see.

Who am I?

I am scared,

but despite this fact I am confident in my values,

My morals rein honest and true.

Because why should I lie,

If I don't want to be lied to?

I am responsible for my younger siblings,

They look up for guidance and are not dissapointed.

I could never lead them astray,

I could never hide myself from their view.

They need me just as much as I need them,

Because they give me a sense of purpose.

This makes me a better person then I was yesterday.

All I strive to be,

Is better then the shadow I was.




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