Buried Emotions


Shadows of the night

Mortal enemy

Of my soulless life

That once again

Has brought to the light

What by day I manage

To keep buried deep inside me 


By day you can see

The strong woman 

I pretend I have become

By night I see myself

A fool so fragile

That cries herself to sleep

Not to make them worry



I wish I could erase

All the pain and problems

That comes like a daily manner

But I wont bare to forget

As fast as I should 


Denial just brings pain

And with pain I’m in denial

I say I’m ok

I am doing just fine

But what is this in my chest?

What is this buried inside?


Silence of the night

Constant company

Of my thoughtless dreams

Help the sun reveal

What the moon has managed

To hide within me 


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