More Than We Are Afraid To Be

They think they know the real me,

If only they could see...

But if they did, what would they see?

would they like the reality?

Staying quiet, hidden in the back of the class,

though the thoughts in my head are flying fast.

I think about what someday will bring

and I think thinking can be the scariest thing;

I imagine myself showing them the true me,

but I remember the judgments of society.

So I don't say that this is stupid or,

that we should be more,

than what we are afraid to be.

So I ignore their comments that tell me 

That I will never succeed.

And in a few days, months, or years,

after I have dried and fought through the tears,

I will find the thing I was always striving for

I will remember the ones who pushed me toward

my goals, and those who pushed me away.

And finally, on that day, I wll be able to smile and say,

"This is the real me, now you know"

and I will turn and wave as I go

to thank those who stood by 

and gave their support through my 

darkest days and through my pain

But for now, I stay silent and wait. 


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