Glued To Me (Who am I?)

Who am I?
Peel back the layers,
Scream it to the masses; 
That I am unclean and undecided. 

Who am I?
Scrub away the sludge atop my skin,
Burn my pale self with the truth;
Cleanse me.

Who am I?
As I am yelled at 
To take off the mask,
They clamor for the real me.

Who am I?
Quiet or Loud?
Beautiful or Hideous?
Dark or Light?

Who am I?
Smart or Stupid? 
Desperate or Independent?
Optimisitic or Pessemisitic?  

Who am I?
It's like amnesia.
But I have never really known "me",
And so I will never remember "me". 

Who am I?
I can't say who I am.
I don't know who I am.
How can I say what I don't know?

Who am I?
The curtains fall down, muffling their deafaning cries
I am covered in crimson, suffocating in the fabric
That will not be pulled away from my gasping mouth. 

Who am I?
This mask, the fabric, the lies; they have been glued to my face.
I don't know how to take them off, shake them off, break them off.
Won't someone take these things off?

Who am I? 


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