Great Things In Me

Concealed, there’s a story,

It’s messy and deep.

There was a time in my life when I could only weep.

There were things that I saw no one else could see,

I was anxious, depressed, bound by PTSD;

but my God came to win the battle for me.

Today, I live like I’m happy as can be…

no one sees the inside or the things that I’ve seen.

I live life with love because of Jesus in me,

my life may get messy but He makes it clean.

When I start to feel anxious, and send Him my plea,

It isn’t so bad having PTSD.

Depression and anxiety will not define me.

I don’t show just anyone, because I don’t need pity.

No, I discern one who needs to be freed,

with them I will share the hope that they need.

Though I look like I’m normal, and there’s nothing more to see,

in reality my God has done great things in me.



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