I am not a being

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 04:09 -- nyjaej


I am not being

Only a swelling soul that lies within

Underneath soft flesh and wooden bones, that is where I reside

Stained with fabric and masked with a colorful face

No one, including myself is able to see

A speck of oxygen within the wind of breath I breathe is all that is left for my identity

Lost in the sea that I used to call me, I know not who I am

The reflecting shadow of the human I once saw is no longer seen

No sickness shall prosper, no happiness shall be

For the being I once was is no a forgotten memory

With few words, the right words I must tell you Iʼm going mad

But instead I stay silent in fright you would flee. Hide.

Not knowing whether your coming or just passing by

I would love for someone to simply stay

Oh but it is true Iʼm nothing. Iʼm not shit but a dream catcher caught in the wind

To wish to only breathe

But the world makes me silent 

Now you know, but I will spare you of my sadness

Sweet dreams listeners of my angst

As you rest, try to think of my words Let them dance across your mind

Maybe then, in spite of my tale

You will stay

For I am not a being


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