you can see me,

but can you hear me?


Please tell me you're not like them,

you don't just see what's on the outside,

you can hear me.


You know me,

you know all my imperfections,

ive spilled them onto your glass,

so that it would cloud with my breath.




tell me, and speak nothing but the truth,

am i a woman who is,

brave, self-confident, and strong?



I am not that woman?

Then who is?

Where can i find her?


Why am i not her?

Are you lying to me?




Surely you are lying,

for everyone always tells me,

i am those things!




I realize you speak the truth,

you know me.

I've stained your glass with my own breath,

you hear me, they don't.


They've never been there,

in the times when i've,

had to stand before you,

instead of them,

saying all that i've desired to scream at them when,

i know they are wrong.

Because i am not brave.


They've never been there,

in the times i've,

stood before you in countless amounts of different outfits,

because i always saw the "fat", ugly, plain Jane in the glass,

no matter what i wore.

Because i am not self-confident.


They've never been there,

in the times i've,

fallen before you,

not able to stand to look at you,

because my eyes were full of tears and everything i saw was distorted,

my reflection and my life,

and i wanted to end it all because i was losing my battle with life,

because i am not strong.


I am not brave.

Because i carefully choose the battles that i fight,

i like to think and plan the solutions to all my problems.

So, no i will not scream the words that i want to when you are wrong,

not because i am afraid,

but because i am cautious and patient.


I am not self-confident

Because i choose to put my confidence in other things or people,

I like to see that others are put above me,

i think of others before myself,

not because i have low self-esteem,

but because i am unselfish.


I am not strong,

Because i have a heart,

i can feel the pain of others and i like to sympathize with them,

rather than choose to act like i've never experienced what they are experiencing,

not because i am weak,

but because i am empathetic.




You are right.

I am not brave,self-confident, or strong.




You can tell them all.

I am cautious, patient, unselfish, and empathetic.











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